Power Wash Your Property Like A Pro

A homeowner power washes exterior shingles while standing on her driveway.

Preparation Is Pivotal to Safely Washing Your Home

As a homeowner, it is important to clean the exterior of your home regularly. One way to quickly eliminate mold, cobwebs, and dirt is to power wash your property. The power washing method and the preparatory steps you follow should accommodate your home’s exterior surface materials (stucco, vinyl siding, brick, etc.).

We recommend being extra careful whenever cleaning vinyl siding or crumbly brick with a power washing technique. This quick and efficient method can work wonders but requires due diligence to prevent exterior damage. It is always wise to methodically inspect your home’s exterior before power washing. This walkthrough can help you map out your process.

Keep an Eye Out for Cracks & Defects

A thorough inspection will also help you avoid exacerbating structural issues. Always look for cracks, broken or leaking gutters, or gaps in your vinyl siding. Failing to fix cracks can also cause permanent water damage and mold by trapping water behind the siding (where it will slowly rot the wood sheeting). Unfortunately, it is not always easy to repair cracks or holes. In such cases, we recommend avoiding power washing areas with structural flaws altogether.

Don’t be shy to call Mr. Handyman of Greater Syracuse today if power washing sounds overwhelming! We can save you time and stress by providing a professional touch. Our expert power washing technicians are second to none!

Always Make Sure to Avoid Excessive Water Pressure

Be wary about turning the water pressure on your power washer too high. Familiarize yourself with the various levels and nozzles before cleaning. It is also helpful to scrub off the dirt, grime, and algae with a bristle brush before you power wash. This step will loosen dirt and help you achieve stellar results without excessive water pressure – thus helping you avoid cracking or damaging already compromised brick/vinyl siding/stucco sections.

On the other hand, you want to be sure to apply enough power to reap efficient results. We suggest keeping your power washer’s pressure level between 1,000 and 1,400 PSI. Start on the low end and gradually raise the pressure as you deem appropriate and safe. It can be challenging to find the right balance. Mr. Handyman of Greater Syracuse knows how to apply the perfect amount of pressure. We can remove markings and stains without jeopardizing your property’s structural integrity.

Power Wash Like A Pro: Expert Tips & Techniques

Before turning on the power washer, you should move any loose objects or debris far away from your home. You can end up with a cracked window or indented vinyl siding if the powerful surge of water accidentally sends a random garden decoration or loose nail hurtling towards your home. Also, consider placing a tarp over any flower beds and garden plants in the general vicinity to prevent damaging your vegetation.

We recommend following a set of proven procedures once you fire up the power washer. Always make at least a 10-foot radius of space between yourself and the object you are cleaning to mitigate impact intensity. It is also beneficial to keep the water stream parallel with or below eye level.

Pointing the stream straight ahead will:

  • Optimize accuracy
  • Provide a thorough clean
  • Remove the maximum amount of dirt
  • Prevent water from creeping underneath the siding
  • Avoid mold and mildew issues later

We understand that it can be challenging to sustain a steady hand. Don’t be shy to reach out and request our professional power washing services if you want to have an expert assure you perform your power washing properly.

There are many exterior fixtures and structural sections you will want to avoid altogether. These include:

  • Screen doors
  • Rugs & planters
  • Windows & window screens
  • Outdoor lights & string lights
  • Log piles & loose wooden boards
  • Chipping paint
  • Any other delicate or vulnerable feature

Choosing the Right Cleaning Concentrate

We cannot stress the importance of choosing the right cleaning products for your property. Cleaning products often work with certain materials (brick, vinyl, wood, aluminum, etc.). Always read the labels carefully, research online, and/or ask a professional to ensure your product is fit for your exterior surfaces.

Consider the project’s scope before buying any cleaning solutions and concentrate. Knowing how much dirt, mold, and grime you are dealing with will help you choose the right product. For example, products with oxidized bleach are often preferable when dealing with mildew. We also endorse eco-friendly cleaning concentrates. Not only are these products good for the environment, but they are also healthier to be around and gentler on the public water system.

Hire Mr. Handyman’s Power Washing Specialists

Power washing can be physically demanding, time-consuming, and tedious. The shiny results will be well worth the effort: rejuvenating the exterior of your home. At Mr. Handyman of Greater Syracuse, we are eager and willing to handle this complex task for you! Our technicians utilize best-in-class equipment and industry-best techniques to provide stunning results. We offer seasonal power washing services to keep your home clean-looking and structurally sound.

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