The Many Advantages of Upgrading Your Deck

A professional sands and stains an outdoor deck with high-powered equipment.

Repairing, Maintaining, & Servicing Outdoor Decks Is Our Specialty

Professional deck repair or replacement services can increase your home’s safety, functionality, and curbside appeal. At Mr. Handyman of Greater Syracuse, our deck construction & maintenance experts are eager to be your local solution! We have the tools & techniques necessary to make a significant upgrade to your property without delay. Our top priority is providing an excellent final product. We always work fast and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Our team is available to collaborate with you at every step of the process. We will be attentive to your vision, requests, and needs – going above and beyond to accommodate your wishes. We can help you design a stunning and durable deck that complements the décor and dimensions of your property. Our team can also outline a timeline once we complete the design process. We plan each deck construction projects with precision – providing concrete details, meticulous updates, and expected completion dates at every stage.

The Primary Benefits of Upgrading Your Deck

Boost Your Home’s Value & Aesthetic Appeal

One of the primary upsides of replacing a deck is its potential return on investment. A professionally constructed deck can enhance your property’s overall aesthetic and price tag – helping you sell your home faster & at a higher bid should you ever decide to put it on the market. Nobody wants to inherit a home with an outdated deck. Whether we build a deck from scratch or replace a worn-out deck, your new deck will significantly increase your home’s resale value by adding functional space & curbside appeal.

Curbside appeal is not something to overlook. It offers many benefits beyond the immediate value of improving the ambiance and style of your home. A property with stunning outdoor infrastructure will wow passersby, visitors, neighbors, and prospective buyers. A brand-new deck might be all it takes to elevate your home’s visual appeal far above surrounding properties. People will instantly see the pride, TLC, and investment you’ve put into your home.

Boost Safety & Functionality by Upgrading Your Deck’s Materials

You may want to consider rebuilding your deck if it is deteriorating. Unfortunately, the natural elements will slowly wear down even the most robust and durable deck on the market. That said, some deck materials last longer than others. A deck made from treated or untreated lumber will decay much faster than a deck constructed from vinyl or composite materials.

Unfortunately, even treated wood decks will naturally rot due to wet or dry weather. Furthermore, knots, holes, warped wood beams, loosened railings, splintered wood, and tripping hazards can emerge as wood boards decay. Fortunately, we offer a vast inventory of weather-resistant deck materials. Our team can also help find a color, shade, and texture that matches and/or accentuates the exterior of your home!

Our team can provide a quick solution if your deck is structurally unsound and poses safety hazards. If you own an older home, there are many building materials available today that were likely unavailable during the initial construction of your current deck. We can replace your existing wood deck with more durable building materials on the market today. We also offer proactive, professional deck maintenance if you prefer to maintain the classic earthy appearance of a wood deck. We’re here to bring your vision to life!

Expand & Change the Layout

Are you ready to transform your deck’s size, shape, and/or materials? Is your current deck not providing you with sufficient safety, functionality, or aesthetic appeal? If so, we can help you upgrade your deck. Our team will take the time to design a deck that improves upon your old deck’s shortcomings. We are not here to duplicate your previous deck (unless that’s what you prefer).

Our priority is to maximize the benefits of building a new deck. We can do so by creating a deck layout that:

  • Incorporates eating/cooking spaces
  • Adds a designated area for social engagements and parties
  • Expands the space for modern appliances and outdoor amenities
  • Provides easy access and adequate seating capacity
  • And much more!

We Can Customize a Deck Just for You

Our design experts and deck constructionists will help determine the optimal deck size, shape, layout, style, and desired customizations before we begin. The possibilities here are plentiful with Mr. Handyman of Greater Syracuse by your side!

We hope to inspire your architectural creativity by browsing numerous possibilities. Let us know if you are interested in building a deck with multiple tiers, built-in seating or storage options, dramatic architectural flair, or separate sections.

We can do it all – improving your deck’s safety, functionality, durability, and look. Don’t wait another day! Hire our committed team, and we’ll have you enjoying the great outdoors from the convenience of your beautiful new deck in no time.

To learn more about our deck repair & replacement services, contact us online or give our team a call  today!