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A stock photo of a modern, neutral toned kitchen with wooden floating shelves.

The Practical & Aesthetic Benefits of Floating Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen Shelves or Kitchen Cabinets?

For many homeowners, whether to install kitchen shelves or cabinets can be one of the most agonizing decisions. Both options offer undeniable advantages and limitations as well. To help you determine which design and style are best for you, Mr. Handyman of Greater Syracuse is here to outline the various pros and cons of floating shelves and cabinets! We will also discuss all you need to know about installing the ideal floating shelves for your kitchen space!

The Benefits of Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are a quick and easy storage solution if you’re looking for maximum storage and minimal upkeep. Perhaps the primary reason cabinets are preferred to shelves is their ability to hide clutter. Cabinets consist of drawers/doors that close and hide all your food items and dishwasher. This design feature allows you to stash things quickly without disrupting the look and feel of your kitchen.

At the same time, cabinets can look cumbersome and clunky in some kitchens. They can restrict the spaciousness of a room and create a claustrophobic feel. Nevertheless, this reduced space comes with a significant upside: your cabinets will allow you to show off a clean cosmetic veneer without constant maintenance and tidying. For busy homeowners, the ability to quickly toss your spaghetti sauce and cereal boxes into a cabinet before shutting the door is necessary due to daily time constraints.

The Benefits of Floating Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen shelves are trendy and stylish. They look sleek, stunning, hip, and ultra-modern when implemented properly into an interior design plan. Shelves open the kitchen space – creating an elegant ambiance and modern sensibility. They also showcase stunning dishware, decorative pieces, heirlooms, and accessories.

It can be a blast infusing a bit of style and seasonal festivity into your shelf displays:

  • For Halloween, you can decorate the shelves with mini pumpkins and gourds.
  • For Christmas, you can line the shelves with candy canes and pinecones.
  • During the summer months, you can bring everything together visually by adding a gorgeous centerpiece, such as a vase or glass bottle.

With stylish curating and consistent TLC, shelves can transform your kitchen into a visually appealing wonder.

The Downsides of Floating Shelves

At the same time, floating shelves expose everything that would otherwise be stored behind closed cabinet doors. The inability to hide goods behind cabinet doors can be tiresome for some homeowners. You’ll need to consider the aesthetic qualities of every food item you buy (including how they match and complement one another. Nobody wants to constantly clean out and discard old boxes, food items, and other products.

Choosing food products and storage containers that look stylish can be a hassle. You’ll need to put in the extra effort to find dishware matching your kitchen’s color scheme and decor. Luckily, there are many design tips to help ease this process. For example, buying neutral-colored dishes with a few splash/accent pieces can keep your floating shelves looking flawless with little upkeep.

Determining the Dimensions of Your Floating Shelves Can Be Tricky

If you choose floating kitchen shelves, they’ll need to be adequately sized to suit your storage needs. You may want to go with smaller shelf sizes (between 4 to 10 inches wide) if you’re looking to store small decorative pieces, spices, or narrow jars/containers. On the other hand, you’ll want larger shelves (10 inches wide or more) if the goal is to store jars, dishware, pots, kettles, and other items.

You’ll also want to choose floating shelves that can bear the weight of your dishware. Most shelving can safely hold between 30 to 75 pounds. The exact amount will vary depending on the shelves’ material, thickness, number of studs, and design. Always check your shelves’ recommended weight capacity before installation to ensure they can handle your pots, dishware, and appliances.

Fortunately, floating shelves can be easily redesigned to fit virtually any nook or cranny – regardless of the size/dimensions. Easily personalized, open shelving can complement various designs, interior décor arrangements, and kitchen layouts. They offer both modern appeal and practical versatility.

Save Money by Choosing Floating Shelves

In general, floating shelves tend to be much cheaper than cabinets. They are a wise investment if you’re looking to minimize upfront costs. Many homeowners are even installing restored shelves via DIY techniques. The combination of exposed metal and reclaimed wood offer a trendy rustic appeal. This cost-effective strategy is both aesthetically and financially rewarding.

Moreover, most homeowners abuse the extra space provided by cabinets to stuff expired, stale, and perished contents. Floating shelves offer sufficient room for most households actively willing to discard old, uneaten, or unused items. For some homeowners, floating shelves can help prevent infestations and yucky mold situations by creating a constant visual reminder of items that would normally be tucked away in the shadows of a dark cabinet.

Our Verdict on Floating Shelves vs. Cabinets

Hopefully, we’ve helped you come to a clearer understanding of what option works best in your home. Overall, the debate over whether to install cabinets or floating shelves is a personal one. Homeowners must make the final decision for themselves. We believe floating shelves are a lovely, chic addition if you’re willing to keep them tidy and organized. On the contrary, cabinets are ideal if you’re seeking convenience and quick storage.

Whatever you choose, Mr. Handyman of Greater Syracuse is here to help you remove, rebuild, and remodel your kitchen cabinets and/or open shelves today! Our technicians are best-in-class – backed by industry-best tools and techniques. We will listen to your design aspirations, assess your kitchen layout, and get to work without delay!

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