The Perils of Installing a Ceiling Fan

A professional handyman stands on a ladder with a tool belt on while screwing in the mount of a ceiling fan.n

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Ceiling Fan Installations

A ceiling fan is an essential appliance in many rooms. It offers cooling, air circulation, and light with minimal electrical needs compared to the electricity guzzling inefficiency of a central AC. For many homes, a ceiling fan can also add a nice touch – accenting surrounding furniture and decorative features of a room. As a result, they are a popular choice for home and business owners.

One downside of buying a brand-new ceiling fan is the installation process can be unexpectedly challenging and complex. There are many perils you might encounter while attempting a DIY installation. A ceiling fan is an excellent choice for functionality and energy efficiency. It is not conducive, however, to an easy installation process. After all, ceiling fans connect to live electrical wires. They are also heavy and difficult to handle due to their large rotating blades (built to spin at a high velocity.

Luckily, Mr. Handyman of Greater Syracuse is ready to save the day! Our team has the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to install any brand, make, or model of ceiling fan quickly and efficiently. We are licensed, qualified, and trained to handle deceptively confusing installations with speed and grace.

Here are some critical benefits you’ll receive by hiring a professional for your ceiling fan installation:

Avoid Electrical & Fire Hazards by Hiring a Pro

The first step when installing anything electric is to turn off the power. The current servicing the electrical box where ceiling fan wires connect usually contains a high voltage. Thus, failing to turn off the proper electrical fuse on your circuit box can result in severe injury or death. Don’t risk making a fatal error: Let a seasoned pro take care of this step for you!

Another pivotal detail when installing ceiling fans is ensuring your electrical circuits have enough capacity for the ceiling fan’s electrical load. Our team knows how to check all the details to ensure everything adheres to electrical codes, guidelines, and regulations.

The installation process becomes exponentially more complex if there is no preexisting ceiling fan fixture or wiring available in the desired area you want the fan to be. Moreover, because ceiling fans have wiring for both the lighting and fan components, crossing or reversing your wire connections can lead to an improperly programmed fan and a continual fire hazard. This error is especially dangerous if the attic sits above the ceiling fan. In such circumstances, incorrect wiring can lead to a fire that remains undetected until it’s too late.

Skip the Dangers of Dealing with Gravity

Before installing a ceiling fan, you should also consider that you’ll be performing complex wiring and electrical work while balancing on a ladder. It is not easy to balance on a ladder while holding a large, heavy, and often delicate appliance. Most fans require two hands to attach and secure properly to the ceiling. As a result, you’ll be dangerously perched on the ladder while dealing with meticulous, technical work – aligning screws, twisting/taping wire caps, and ensuring everything is mounted evenly and correctly.

Installing a ceiling fan can be a nightmare if performed alone or without the proper tools and techniques. Remember, the weight of the ceiling fan alone can become unbearable after a few minutes, which means that you’ll be frantically rushing while simultaneously trying to avoid mistakes. You can count on our qualified specialists to perform this task for you! We’ll save you time, maximize safety, reduce fire hazards, and get your fan mounted with precision and TLC!

Don’t Risk Dropping or Improperly Installing a Ceiling Fan: Contact A Pro!

Have you ever imagined what might happen if a full-speed fan detached from the ceiling? It’s not a pretty thought experiment. Such a scenario could create significant property damage, ruin the fan itself, and, most importantly, jeopardize the well-being of your loved ones.

We are not trying to install fear. Falling ceiling fans is a legitimate risk property owners should consider when debating whether to perform a DIY task or hire a qualified technician. Our technicians understand the weight requirements, thresholds, and dangers confronted during ceiling fan installations. Let us save you from stress and worry by flawlessly installing your ceiling today!

Avoid the hassles and potential catastrophes of incorrectly installing a ceiling fan. Reach out to our courteous team anytime!

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