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Your home's exterior boosts your curb appeal and protects your home from the elements. Soffit, fascia, and siding are essential components of this protective shell. When they become damaged, it's crucial to address the issues promptly.

At Mr. Handyman of Greater Syracuse, we specialize in repairing soffit, fascia, and siding. We'll ensure your home remains beautiful, secure, and well-maintained. We’re backed by a great reputation and, for your peace of mind, we back our services with a one-year warranty.

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Siding Repair
Our Soffit, Fascia, and Siding Repair Services

Here's a closer look at these exterior materials and how we can help:

Soffit Repair

Soffit covers the underside of your roof's overhang. It provides ventilation and protects your attic from moisture and pests. Over time, soffit panels can get cracked, or dislodged, affecting your home's appearance and air circulation. We can repair or replace damaged soffits, preventing moisture-related issues.

Fascia Repair

Fascia is the vertical board that runs along the edge of your roofline, supporting the lower edge of the roof and providing a finished look.

Damaged or rotting fascia can compromise the structural integrity of your roof and lead to water infiltration. Need someone to fix your fascia? We can help. We'll help ensure your roof remains sturdy and your home's exterior remains visually appealing.

Siding Repair

Siding protects your home from the elements and contributes to its aesthetic appeal. Cracked, chipped, or missing siding exposes your home to moisture, pests, and energy inefficiency.

Whether you have vinyl, wood, or other types of siding, we can repair or replace damaged sections. Trust us to restore the integrity and beauty of your home's exterior.

Would you like to see some of our work? Check out our photo gallery. If you’d like to read some of our reviews, you can check out our testimonials page.

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We Deliver a Safe, Worry-Free Experience

Are you wondering what to expect from us? From recommending the right solutions to our one-year warranty, we go above and beyond to deliver a safe and worry-free experience.

At Mr. Handyman of Greater Syracuse:

  • We’ll send you a picture of your craftsman before the service.
  • We’ll arrive on time, in uniform, and in our Mr. Handyman vehicle.
  • We’re fully insured with workers’ compensation and general liability. 
  • We’ll clean everything up when we’re done.
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