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Your Trusted Handyman in Flower Mound, TX

There's no better feeling than coming home at the end of a long day and relaxing in a home that functions well and perfectly suits your needs. But, when your house is in need of repairs, maintenance, or just isn't set up to complement your lifestyle, that feeling is replaced by stress and aggravation.

Problems such as leaky window frames, holes in the drywall, as well as cracked tiles may seem like minor inconveniences, but they can cost you a lot of money on your energy bill and spiral into much bigger issues that can threaten the structure of your home.

Don't worry, there's a way to get repairs and maintenance done along with home improvements, and you only need to call one company to do it all—Mr. Handyman of Keller, Flower Mound, and Alliance!

With a great deal of experience taking care of both minor fixes as well as complex renovation projects, our team has come up with some truly inspired repair solutions and has worked on the homes of many satisfied customers in the Flower Mound area, including Argyle, North Richland Hills, Lewisville, Trophy Club, Roanoke, and beyond.

As a locally owned and operated business, our customers are our neighbors. That's why we're committed to providing reliable handyman service with excellent customer service coupled with a safe, worry-free experience. We value your time! We'll make sure to communicate clearly and work efficiently so the finished result is exactly what you were hoping for—or even better!

Professional Handyman Company Serving Flower Mound, TX

All homes need repairs and improvements sooner or later, but not all homeowners have the time, tools, and know-how to handle every problem that can crop up. The team at Mr. Handyman can not only take care of routine maintenance and repairs, we can transform your home in a way that will improve your quality of life with renovations that tailor your living space to your unique needs.

Safety and Mobility

Are you or a loved one approaching your golden years and thinking of aging in place, or looking for ways to support a loved one with reduced mobility? If you're thinking of making the heart-wrenching decision to leave your well-loved home because it doesn't have the safety and mobility accommodations you require, speak with the team at Mr. Handyman first! There's likely something we can do that will make your home secure and comfortable for years to come.

Safety and mobility services can include:

  • Installing guardrails as well as handrails

  • Assembling furniture that is better suited to your needs

  • Widening doorways

  • Raising up toilet seats

  • Installing grab bars

  • Enhancing lighting fixtures

  • Upgrading cabinet as well as drawer handles

  • Lowering cabinets

  • Lowering countertops

  • Relocating light switches as well as electrical outlets

Bathroom Remodeling

If you can't wait to leave your bathroom every time you use it, that's a good sign that it needs a remodel. The bathroom is one of the most critical rooms in the house—you have to use it many times per day, so it's important that it functions well every time you need it. But, a bathroom can be more than just a utilitarian space—with the right renovation, it can be transformed into your personal spa for rejuvenation.

Planning a bathroom remodel is a huge challenge, but it's also a lot of fun! This is your opportunity to either choose a classic design that will help your resale value in the future, or shoot for the stars and get your fantasy bathroom that you'll be able to enjoy for years to come. Take a look at this handy bathroom remodel checklist to get you started.

Whether you just want a bathroom that works or you're dreaming of a luxurious getaway in your own home, our service professionals have the expertise and vision to make your custom bathroom project happen.

Our bathroom remodel services include:

  • Installing tile

  • Putting in a new toilet

  • Installing shower fixtures, as well as tubs

  • Installing new sinks

  • Putting up drywall

  • Installing vanities

Pressure Washing

When it comes to exterior home projects, or you just want your home to look its best and be protected against damage, pressure washing is a must. It quickly and efficiently strips dirt, grime, moss, and other substances off your outdoor property, priming surfaces for renovations and leaving them looking brand-new again. (Don't believe it's that dramatic? Check out the hundreds of pressure washing videos on YouTube!)

Pressure washing also performs an important function by removing buildup from every nook and cranny, where it can fester and cause more serious damage if left unchecked. And, pressure washing isn't just for house siding, it can be used to clean a wide variety of outdoor equipment and structures.

Items that can be pressure washed include:

  • Decks, porches, and patios

  • Fences

  • Driveways and walkways

  • Outdoor play equipment

  • Bicycles

  • Lawnmowers and other lawn maintenance tools

  • Grills

  • Outdoor furniture

Pressure washing is more than just a vanity project, it's a necessary part of your home maintenance. It can boost your curb appeal significantly and even increase the value of your home if you're thinking of selling in the near future.

Count on Mr. Handyman to Take Care of Your Improvement and Repair Projects!

When you come home, you just want to relax and enjoy your home. If you're having a tough time doing that because your home needs repairs and maintenance, or isn't well suited to your needs, reclaim your sanctuary with help from Mr. Handyman of Keller, Flower Mound, and Alliance.

Call us today at 972-627-4793, or fill out our request service form, and we'll show you why we're considered Flower Mound's number one choice for handyman jobs!

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