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When spring arrives and the snow is chased away by warmer weather, Lehi residents slowly start emerging from their homes to enjoy some fun and relaxation out on their patios. But when you finally get a good look at your outdoor space after winter retreats, you may notice problems that need to be addressed with experienced Lehi patio repair. Uneven, broken pavers, crumbling mortar, or even a layer of dirt, grime, and organic growth are all problems that shouldn't be allowed to fester and become even worse. The damage could pose a tripping hazard to your friends and family members, and if it is ignored, it will likely deteriorate further and cause more extensive damage that could require a total replacement instead of just Lehi patio repair.

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If your patio needs some professional care and repair to look its best again and remain in good condition, count on your local, qualified Lehi handyman at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork. Our team has the experience and skill to take care of masonry services such as patio repair, and many other services designed to make your residential or commercial property more appealing, durable, and livable.

Our Trustworthy Lehi Patio Repair Services

Patios are often mixed up with decks, porches, pergolas, and other outdoor living spaces, but they're not quite the same. Rather than being raised off the ground like a deck or porch, or featuring multiple levels like some decks do, patios are flat masonry surfaces that are typically level with the ground in a backyard. They're usually positioned right outside the house's entry to the backyard for convenience, as patios tend to be used for grilling and outdoor dining.

Since patios are typically made of either poured concrete or masonry units such as bricks, stones, or pavers, many homeowners aren't totally sure how to go about Lehi patio repair, and may not even be totally sure if the problem can be fixed at all. The good news is that in most cases, our professional handyman team can come up with effective repair solutions to restore your patio to beautiful, even condition. It's worth noting, however, that if the damage is widespread across the entire installation, replacement is likely going to be the more cost-effective, time-saving option. Here's how our experienced Lehi handyman team tackles common Lehi patio repair problems.

Cosmetic Surface Issues

If your patio has some minor damage on the surface, such as grime buildup, grease stains, or chalky-looking efflorescence, or unwanted growth such as mold, mildew, algae, moss, or weeds popping up between stones, you're probably not excited by the idea of spending your free time scrubbing away with a brush and soapy water. Fortunately, there's a much faster, easier, and more effective way to get those unsightly cosmetic issues resolved: professional pressure washing. Our pressure washers can blast away all that residue and unwanted organic growth, making your patio look just as good as it did the day it was installed.

Sinking, Heaving, or Broken Masonry

Bricks and pavers are the materials that are particularly prone to heaving upward or sinking downward, creating an uneven, unattractive surface that could easily cause someone to catch their toe on a ridge and suffer a fall. This particular Lehi patio repair problem is actually a sign of water damage—it typically occurs when excessive moisture seeps in under the masonry units and erodes the base they're sitting on, causing them to heave upward or sink into the ground. It's also possible that the patio surface wasn't installed properly to begin with and doesn't have adequate substrate. Our Lehi patio repair professionals will deal with this issue by removing the affected stones or pavers, replacing the gravel or sand base to ensure it's even and firm, then putting the pavers back in place (or replacing them with new ones if they're damaged.)

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When they need patio repair, Lehi, UT homeowners can rely on the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork for exceptional quality workmanship and superior customer service. We have the experience to get your patio back in attractive, durable, long-lasting condition, but that's not all we do. Our team provides improvement, maintenance, installation, and repair services for your entire property, including drywall repair, railing replacement, fence repair, deck refinishing, deck repair, ceiling fan installation, wood rot repair, and much more.

Frequently Asked Lehi Patio Repair Questions

What Caused the Damage That Requires Patio Repair?

One of the best qualities of masonry patios is how durable and long-lasting they are. In some cases, they can last for generations if they get diligent care and maintenance over the years. That's a major reason why homeowners choose to have them installed rather than going with a wooden deck structure, so it can be surprising and disappointing to discover damage that requires Lehi patio repair services. But even though your surface is made to last, it's not totally impervious to some destructive elements and conditions. We won't know exactly what cause the problem with your patio until we've taken a good look at it in person, but chances are likely that it's related to one of these common causes of damage:

  • Freeze and Thaw Constriction: When temperatures drop in the winter, moisture in the soil freezes and expands. That expansion can constrict the pavers, bricks, or stones and put a tremendous amount of pressure on them, causing them to crack or crumble brick mortar apart.
  • Organic Growth: A patio shaded by trees and bushes is a lovely place to cool down outdoors in the heat of summer, but all that nearby vegetation attracts moisture that in turn causes organic matter to grow on the masonry surface, such as moss, algae, lichen, and mildew. That may seem harmless at first, but if it's allowed to take over, it can eat away at the mortar and let moisture get under the pavers, causing bigger problems like sinking and heaving.
  • Clogged Rain Gutters: This may be surprising to some, but when your rain gutters are broken or clogged, all the rainwater that falls on your roof has nowhere to go and spills down the exterior of your house instead That can cause severe problems that range from leaky roofs to damaged patios. If you don't have the time or ability to deal with regular gutter cleaning and repair, count on your local Lehi handyman to get it taken care of and preserve your home from further damage.

As you may have noticed, all the above causes of Lehi patio repair damage are related in some way to excess water. Moisture is basically the homeowner's worst enemy, and that extends to your patio as well. Since it's outside and exposed to the elements, it's not always easy to keep excessive moisture away but it's well worth doing what you can to avoid the problems listed above and keep your surface in excellent condition.

Can You Repair a Hairline Crack in Concrete?

With different types of smaller issues such as a small crack in a concrete surface, homeowners sometimes assume concrete crack repair is the right solution. But actually, for a small, unobtrusive, even crack, Lehi patio repair can end up looking worse than the original damage. Small cracks in concrete are normal and expected, and they can actually just be left alone in most cases. They can be filled with mortar or grout, but the results will be more visually noticeable and less attractive than a minor crack, and the repair won't restore the durability of the surface or prevent further cracking in the future.

How Do I Prevent the Need for Patio Repair in the Future?

If you're looking for ways to keep your surface looking its very best so you don't have to worry about Lehi patio repair as often, there are maintenance steps that will really go a long way towards keeping your patio in excellent condition, particularly sealing. The pavers need to be sealed every three to five years to help them repel water incursion and resist other types of damage. If you have a film-forming sealant applied, you'll be able to see places where the sealant is wearing away when it's time for another sealing. If it's not film forming, the key indicator that it needs resealing is that the pavers or bricks will change color significantly when they get wet.

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If you need trustworthy, qualified handyman professionals to take care of patio repair and other services in Lehi or a nearby part of Utah like Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, Cedar Hills, or American Fork, count on the experts at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo and Spanish Fork. Our friendly customer service representatives are available to chat if you have questions about our reliable handyman services or would like to schedule a convenient appointment time.

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