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Is your porch a lifesaver and the only reason why you hardly ever step outside your home to catch some much-needed vitamin D? Or perhaps you are an avid fan of decor and first impressions and find that your delivery person would appreciate a sturdy and picturesque porch whenever they arrive to drop off your online shipping packages? Either way, without the essentials of a picket fence and porch, a house doesn’t feel quite homey, but rather drab and barren. It’s not just eye candy too–a porch has numerous benefits for a Lehi homeowner apart from being a pit stop to soak in the sunshine and inhale some fresh air. Many have a porch to enhance their outdoor living area without realizing that Lehi porch repairs are a huge part of home maintenance.

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From entertaining guests during a barbecue in the midst of summer to creating family memories and capturing so-called Kodak moments for your family portraits. A beautifully designed porch or patio will work wonders for your home’s aesthetic appeal, easily boosting its curb appeal and eventually its property value. But at the end of the day, you have to be obliged to your all-American front porch by properly taking care of it through routine maintenance. If you outrightly ignore doing so, soon you’ll find yourself signing up for a Lehi porch repair service.

Property owners are best advised to rely on a certified, licensed, and fully insured Lehi handyman from Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork to restore their porches to pristine condition. Give our friendly office staff a call today to learn more about this popular service or schedule an appointment for a no-obligation inspection!

The Mr. Handyman Difference: Our Leading Lehi Porch Repair Services

Lately, if you’ve noticed cracks, fractures, or crumbling from rotting wood, peeling paint, creaky steps from loose floorboards or joists, loose railings, sagging reserved to specific spots, pest or rodent infestation or an overall weakened structure, these are all telltale signs of damage calling for Lehi porch repairs. As a homeowner, you shouldn’t be complacent about a repair service. Apart from becoming an eyesore for on-goers to gawk at it compromises not only your safety and stability but also impacts the structural integrity of your home and can result in further costly repairs down the line. Plus, nobody wants to be a homebody during blistering hot Lehi summers and instead, they probably want to sit outside and take in the scenery.

At Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork, we boast an impressive track record of professional carpentry, having served Lehi and nearby areas of Mapleton, Pleasant Grove, Saratoga Springs, and American Fork for many years. Our professional handyman is well-equipped with the knowledge, skills, and technique to ensure your Lehi porch repair will remain durable for years to come. We pride ourselves in providing the triple threat of providing high-quality products and handyman services, quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. This is given as we genuinely listen to our client’s pain points to conjure up authentic and effective solutions for home repair, maintenance, and improvement services. But we are not in the game of upselling so if you are still indecisive, feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation and be mindful of our transparent, upfront pricing backed by our one-year parts and labor guarantee. Our uniformed service providers will promptly arrive to address your concerns before the service job and unlike shoddy contractors, we always clean up after ourselves and dispose of any rubble at the proper facilities.

Our Verified Lehi Porch Repair Process

By relying on our trustworthy handyman team for Lehi porch repairs, you can expect them to readily remove any dirty, loose, or sagging pieces so the structure remains resilient. Although preventive maintenance, including regularly cleaning and staining your porch, can preserve its good condition and slow down deterioration, you will require repairs sooner or later. If you have an inkling you are on the verge of needing porch repair, Lehi, UT clients should not delay and ask for help to delay and avoid the worst-case scenario of their porch caving in on them.

Types of Porch Materials

Here are some of the more commonplace porch material types. Please note that most homeowners don’t usually opt for just one but pick and choose from the diverse palette for different areas of their homes. For example, concrete for their front porch and wood or fiberglass for their backyard deck. Depending on which type of porch material you opt for, will determine your level of effort and motivation required toward routine maintenance and as a result eventual Lehi porch repair services.

Wood/Pressure-Treated Wood:

There are three popular choices for wood porches: redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated. Pressure-treated is one of the most requested. It’s resistant to rot and decay and will outlast purely natural and untreated wood, so it’s a cost-effective option. Plus, it can readily repel insects and is moisture, fungal, and fire-resistant compared to conventional wood. The only drawback is that it’s more susceptible to sun damage, including harmful direct exposure to UVB and UVA sunlight. So if you’re not keen on annual maintenance, it can change color, crack, warp, and shrink. And of course, wood is always vulnerable to rot from mold and mildew growth when not taken care of.

Natural Stone:

Another durable and environmentally-friendly and sustainable material, natural stone is durable, has low maintenance, and boosts your home’s curb appeal with its timeless elegance. But it can be incredibly expensive being a natural or organic option, and you must participate in routine maintenance, for example, natural stone pavers begin to crack about 5 to 10 years in and need to be fixed with a Lehi porch repair service.


Not as common but definitely sturdy steel does well against moisture absorption, is lightweight, easy to install, and handles high amounts of weight and pressure. It’s also fire-resistant and a cost-effective option. A drawback, however, is that you have to participate in maintenance through regular cleanings, including an occasional power washing service if you outrightly ignore this chore, your porch will quickly rust over. Corrosion is usually the result of prolonged exposure to liquid moisture, oxygen, and fluctuating temperatures. If your porch is rusty, you may see leakages on its surface.


Another common request, aluminum doesn’t easily crack, warp or rust, unlike generic wood, and it’s mold-resistant as well. Plus, it’s lightweight and more durable. One drawback is that it may cause noise pollution at the mercy of heavy footsteps and foot traffic and doesn't bode well in winter as its surface can glaze over and become slippery compared to other materials.


You’ve probably seen this fashionable material on the back porch of many houses, and it's known for its waterproof coating, is lightweight, has low-key maintenance, plus has durability and longevity compared to other materials. But as much as it looks fanciful, the only drawback is if one of the boards on the porch cracks, it can’t easily be repaired. Fiberglass is not a material that can be repaired or restored without great difficulty, explaining why we see damaged fiberglass boards in landfills.


This is a popular option for a front porch and is durable, versatile, easy to maintain, and affordable, offering a great bang for its buck due to needing fewer porch repairs and can last you up to 30 years. Plus it wards off any curious critters that decide to make the underside of your porch their home like stray cats, or snooping squirrels and sneaky skunks. You won’t need porch repair Lehi, UT homeowners should note however it does have a higher upfront installation cost, nor is it made of natural-based material, unlike wood. And also, it’s not as comfortable to physically sit on top of compared to other porch materials as concrete can readily get hot to the touch in summer and ice frozen during winter.


Also known as plastic, vinyl is durable, doesn’t easily warp, fade, buckle or splinter at the first signs of fluctuating temperature or pressure and has a wide range of customization options. For example, you can opt for the distinct and rustic look of a wood-grain palette and mimic the real look of wood without it being real wood which requires more maintenance. But a drawback is that it is pricier to install upfront and unlike biodegradable wood, the sawdust and shavings from finishing a vinyl porch are not and have to be carefully removed to not decompose in the natural environment. So if you’re a nature nut or at least into adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle by reducing your eco-footprint, we would not recommend this option.

Why Mr. Handyman Is the Lifesaving Choice for Lehi Porch Repair

Recently repaired porch by Mr. Handyman technician in Lehi.

Don’t let your home’s porch fall into disrepair; instead, choose to revamp it with professional Lehi porch repairs.

Lehi, UT residents can rest assured that our accredited and qualified handyman team will do a proper job the first time around. The difference between a shabby and a pleasant porch is obvious, and you deserve a front-row seat to enjoy the scenery on the outskirts of your house.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lehi Porch Repair

How often should you replace a porch?

Generally speaking, your porch should last around 30 years, given that you take good care of it. Otherwise, warning signs of wear and tear will become more than just a cosmetic issue. If structural damage is evident, you may be in need of more than just porch repair. Lehi, UT property owners may need a total overhaul with a replacement. For anything less than that, you can instead opt for the occasional Lehi porch repair service to replace a loose board. Periodic inspections will ensure your porch remains in good condition.

Do porches add value to a house?

Yes definitely– a porch enclosure can allow your home's property value to increase by 4-6% and helps your home listing stand out amongst other listings which may not have this feature.

Can partially rotted wood be repaired?

Yes—you can repair rotted wood by first removing the rotting and damaged areas from the original board or joists. Follow up by filling the void with a soft wood polyester or wood patch using a plastic putty knife to smooth out the surface, so it sits flush with the rest of the structure and blends in. Allow the area to cure and strengthen before walking over it. Of course, our highly-rated local pros are more than happy to help you with wood rot repair.

You Deserve an Elegant Veranda—Call Mr. Handyman Today for Lehi Porch Repairs!

We know that after your Lehi porch repair service, your neighbors and guests will be begging you for a referral, wondering who made the front of your home so delightful. Our trained Lehi handyman team can perform the same repair service all the same, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us, as one of our customer service representatives is on standby and eagerly awaits your response.

While you are here, we invite you to learn more about our other popular handyman services, including fence repair, deck repair, and ceiling fan installation services.

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