Have you been working remotely from a nonfunctional home office space? How long has that rickety attic staircase kept you from using your extra storage space for fear of falling? It’s so easy to let things pile up to the point that you feel you’ll never get everything done. Luckily, change is possible with one call to your trusted handyman in Raleigh, NC.

At Mr. Handyman of NE Raleigh to Clayton Area, we're dedicated to providing locals like you with outstanding service. Whether you need us for deck repairs or for help with installing a light fixture, we're the company you can count on for professional home improvement solutions.

We’re not your typical handyman who eventually shows up at your door, does a subpar job, and overcharges for services. Instead, we’ll find an appointment time that works with your schedule, arrive on time, and provide results that will have you wishing you’d called sooner.

Do you want to see the difference choosing our committed team makes on the condition of your property? Contact us online or call our exceptional customer service team today to hire a professional handyman in Raleigh, NC.

Our Professional Raleigh Handyman Services

Take a look around your property. Inside and out. From your doors and windows to your floors and ceiling fans, at some point in your life, you'll need help repairing or replacing them all. That's the beauty of hiring a team with a wide range of skills. At Mr. Handyman of NE Raleigh to Clayton Area, we're known for our comprehensive service offering that includes quality services for your home and business.

With ample experience, our service professionals will inspect your property thoroughly before performing necessary repairs. Unlike the other guys, we care about providing solutions that last. We know that the jobs we perform are just one part of the equation of complete customer satisfaction. The others? Respectful service, quality workmanship, and a guarantee. You can have it all and more when choosing our valued team.

So, what exactly can we help you with? Some of our popular residential and commercial handyman services include:

Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to transform your space and start loving where you live. As a place in the home where you spend a fair bit of time, whether getting ready in the morning or enjoying a relaxing bubble bath at night, there's no denying the power a luxurious bathroom can have. We offer a range of bathroom remodeling services to help you transform your bathroom into the space you've always wanted.

  • Cabinet & Vanity Installation: Whether you would like to upgrade your vanity to a more functional design or you're thinking of installing additional cabinets to increase organization in your bathroom, this one step can help set the tone for your daily routines.
  • Tile Floor Replacement: Changing up the tile in your bathroom will totally freshen up the space. Choose from a wide range of types of tile, including ceramic, natural stone, porcelain, and slate.
  • Shower Tile Replacement: Are you tired of looking at the washed-out color of the tile in your shower? Pink may have been big in the 80s, but it doesn't exactly lend a luxury look. Re-doing the tile in your shower is an easy way to transform your space on a small budget.
  • Lighting Installation: The one task is a quick way to change the mood of your bathroom. Whether you're looking for mood lighting or simply need more light in your space, there are tons of lighting fixture styles to choose from to set the tone in your space.
  • Grab Bar Installation: It's never too early to start thinking about aging-in-place. Whether you would like to stay one step ahead for the future or need to make modifications for yourself or a family member now, installing a grab bar is an excellent way to make your bathroom more accessible.

Drywall Repair & Finishing

While drywall may be easy to install and affordable, it's damaged relatively easily when compared to hardier walling materials like brick or stone. In North Carolina, the majority of homes have walls made from drywall, meaning this particular repair service comes in handy when holes, cracks, bubbling, or sagging occur. Tired of looking at the gaping hole in your wall? Are you worried that water damage will spread? Let us provide you with the drywall or ceiling repair service you need to restore your home’s balance.

Wainscoting Installation or Repair

A type of wood paneling on the lower half of your wall, wainscoting may be decorative, but it also helps protect your wall from damage. Since drywall is easily damaged, this useful feature will stop it from being scuffed, scratched, or dented. Our wainscoting installation services will also elevate the appearance of your home, so if you're looking for easy ways to change up the look, ask us about wainscoting!

Furniture Assembly

Furniture shopping? Fun. Furniture assembly? Not so much. Whether you just don't have the time or patience, or you have mobility issues that prevent you from using your hands, let our qualified team help with our convenient service. This service type comes in handy for those who have recently moved or anyone remodeling their home.

Custom Furniture Building

There's no better way to remodel your home than with custom furniture. As a homeowner, you have the chance to customize your space to your unique needs, and with the right contractor, you can create a space that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Our skilled carpenters can create built-in storage solutions and closet organizers, as well as cabinets, kitchen islands, and more. Give us a call today to discuss what's possible for your space!

Closet Door Installation

Closet door installation is just one of the many different types of door installations we can offer. It's also one that will totally change the look of your bedroom, office, or entryway. If you're tired of looking at outdated doors that won't close, opt for an updated look with a smooth-close mechanism. Need inspiration? Ask one of our pros!

Painting or Staining

We offer interior and exterior painting services for your home. This critical project will set the mood in your space, and you'll have many different options to choose from to find the perfect shade. Whether you want a different color in every room or would like to paint your home the same color throughout, we will complete the entire project quickly. If painting is part of a larger home remodeling project, it will be the final step.

Garage Maintenance

You pile a lot into your garage. As a space that's rarely cleaned, it gets put through a lot of abuse. From tire-marked floors to neglected paint jobs, garages deserve love, too–especially if you ever consider selling your home. If it's been a while since you thought about the condition of this highly used space, be sure to get in touch to discover how we can help.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryers need a constant flow of air to work. They also need to vent air. Dryer vents are connected to your dryer and lead to the outside. Sucking in dirt and pushing out dust, vents often become dirty and blocked. When this happens, your dryer won't work as efficiently, causing your machine to run for longer, which will inevitably raise your utility bills. Our valuable dryer vent cleaning service will keep your machine running efficiently.

Deck Services

In North Carolina, it's nice to get outside. What better start to your day is there than to enjoy a sunrise out on your deck? If you're longing to enjoy your outdoor spaces more, consider our deck building services. Choose from a range of natural wood or go with composite for an easy-to-maintain area. If you already have a deck but would like to improve its condition, we also offer deck improvements such as deck floorboard replacement or deck repair for loose deck boards.

Water Damage Repair

In Raleigh, water or moisture damage is common. Depending on the surface it has affected, you may experience soggy drywall, wood rot on your deck, and wood decay on your fence posts. Water damage is incredibly detrimental to the health and safety of your home. If left untreated, it may cause foundational and structural damage. If your home has recently been subject to a floor or leak, call a professional to inspect the condition of your wooden structures and surfaces.

Commercial Handyman Services

When you own a business, you know the importance of putting your best foot forward at all times. Whether when meeting customers or welcoming guests into your space, presentation goes a long way. That's especially true for your commercial properties. Want to give the best impression at all times? We offer improvement projects and maintenance solutions for busy business owners like you. A few of our most popular services for commercial property owners include:

  • Pressure washing & graffiti removal
  • Fence repair & installation
  • Window & door installation and repair
  • Tile installation & repair solutions
  • Painting services
  • And many more!

Why Hire Mr. Handyman Of NE Raleigh To Clayton Area?

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned DIY project. Other times, you’re stressed out and could benefit from an extra set of hands. Still, other times, you might not know how to safely finish a project.

One thing is for sure: When you reach out for our professional services, you can expect:

  • A local team with support from a nationally trusted brand
  • To receive assistance from an expert in your area of need
  • Stellar services with guarantees from our Done Right Promise®
  • Premier results with our preferred product relationships
  • To receive upfront pricing before any work begins
  • Not to have surprise fees tacked onto the end of your service

Whether you know what you’d like to accomplish or need help figuring out a solution, we’ve got you covered. Our talented team excels at coming up with creative ways to achieve the desired results. Be sure to check out our local reviews from past Raleigh area customers! In them, you'll learn that locals love the excellent customer service we provide, as well as our breadth of professional handyman services.

At the end (and the beginning) of the day, we aim for complete customer satisfaction in all that we do. That means performing a background check on every one of our employees and resolving issues with service quality in a prompt manner. In fact, we even offer a guarantee on our workmanship to give you total peace of mind. As a locally owned and operated company, we're based in your neighborhood and are proud to serve locations in the surrounding areas.

We handle jobs both big and small. Whether you have a simple or complex project on your hands, don't hesitate to reach out to our qualified team. In our home and business repair services, we guarantee a job well done and will always be respectful of your time, property, and needs.

Are you interested in experiencing a higher quality of service from your local handyman? Get your home or business improvement project started today!

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