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Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County wants to be your resource for all maintenance and repair needs. We have been involved in your community and would like to promote some local resources that would interest you.


We offer professionally designed Christmas decorations through our affiliation with Christmas Decor, America's foremost provider of quality holiday decorations Our service includes design, installation, maintenance, removal and storage of all decorations We offer a wide variety of decorating options that are used to design a unique holiday display for your property. Our service includes all materials and labor.


We'll highlight the features of your home with a tasteful display of our distinctive roof, window and ground lighting. You and your family will enjoy this elegant and charming display, without the hassle and risks of climbing up and down ladders. Best of all, you can spend your time celebrating the season, instead of dreading the season. Displays in the category will range from $1,000 to $2,000.


Make this a season to remember by bringing more of your property into the picture. We'll light up your trees with either canopy wraps or trunk wraps, providing a breathtaking experience for your holiday guests. We can also decorate your shrubbery, adding color and movement to the overall design. These displays will range from $1,500 to $4,000.


You've worked hard all year long and it's really paid off! Why not go all out by transforming your property into a magical work or art? We'll add lighted garlands, wreaths, and figurines so you can share your joy throughout the day. We can even use our new LED lighting which magnifies the brightness of the display, while dramatically reducing energy consumption. These displays will range from $3,000 to "go ahead... make my day!"


An incredible new wave of gutter protection. Invisible, effective and affordable.

Gutter Stuff® is designed to fit completely inside any 5" or 6" K style gutter. Gutter Stuff® can be installed anywhere a K style gutter is hung. It's ideal for any home application, commercial building, or institutional project. The new wave of gutter protection leaves no leaf or debris problem unsolved.

Learn more about Gutter Stuff at http://www.gutterstuff.com/. Mr. Handyman keeps a stock of Gutter Stuff on hand and can install it during any appointment. Call Mr. Handyman today to install Gutter Stuff and never have your gutters cleaned again!