From shower walls and kitchen backsplash to tile floors in the most high-traffic and moisture-prone areas of a house, there are a lot of places in a residential or commercial building where tile shines. But its luster is dimmed by unattractive problems such as cracks, chips, dingy grout, and loose pieces that are in desperate need of Vancouver tile repair.

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That's where your experienced, local Vancouver handyman comes in! Count on the repair experts at Mr. Handyman of Vancouver, Camas, and Ridgefield for outstanding Vancouver tile repair and dozens of other reliable services designed to make your property more appealing, livable, and comfortable.

How We Handle Vancouver Tile Repair Services

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Whichever part of your house your damaged surface is in, and whatever the problem is, our experienced team can take care of it with professional service and outstanding results from the right strategy for damaged tile repair. Vancouver, WA surfaces can be damaged by a variety of factors, and the way we choose to approach repair work will naturally vary based on the nature of the problem. Here are some of the Vancouver tile repair projects we can take care of to get your walls and floors looking their best again.


When it comes to small surface problems like chips or hairline cracks that need porcelain or ceramic tile repair, Vancouver, WA professionals at Mr. Handyman can typically conceal the damage by filling it with epoxy and blending that into the surface texture, then painting over it once it's dry and sealing the paint to give it wear protection. Vancouver tile repair for surface damage is more about hiding the damage than removing it, in order to restore the appearance of the surface.


A single piece (or multiple pieces) that has come loose from its bed of mortar can be dealt with easily by our Vancouver handyman team. In this case, tile repair involves removing the old mortar and grout, then re-laying the original piece back in place and grouting around it.


When a piece is seriously cracked or smashed apart, the only viable Vancouver tile repair solution is a replacement. The problem with replacement is that it can be surprisingly difficult to find a perfectly matching piece to install where the broken piece was. If a perfect (or close enough) match can't be found, the whole surface will likely need to be replaced by a new installation.


Are you tired of scrubbing away at dingy grout that never gets any cleaner thanks to ground-in dirt? Or, maybe you've noticed your grout is starting to crack and crumble in some places. Grout is a cement-based product that is essential for any tile installation, but it doesn't last as long as the tiles themselves and will likely need to be replaced first. We take care of grout repair by using a carbide-tipped scoring tool to remove the old grout, leaving the pieces in place, and then re-grout the installation without ever moving the tiles.

Pick Mr. Handyman for Reliable Tile Repair, Vancouver WA

A Mr. Handyman technician smoothing down grout in a shower after completing tile repairs in Vancouver, WA.

When they schedule our dependable team for professional tile repair, Vancouver, WA residents can trust us to show up on time, in uniform, and with all the tools and materials necessary to get the job done. We have years of experience with Vancouver tile repair and other repair services. You can reach our friendly customer service staff to book an appointment or find out more about what we can do to enhance your property.

Frequently Asked Vancouver Tile Repair Questions


Sort of. If the crack in question is a tiny hairline crack that is just cosmetic, then yes, we can absolutely fix it. However, the repair is more about hiding the damage than actually correcting it, so that piece will still be a potential weak point that should be monitored occasionally for further damage. A piece that is actually cracked all the way through needs to be replaced, but we can replace just the one if a matching replacement is available.


That depends on the type of problem that needs to be addressed with tile repair. Vancouver, WA professionals at Mr. Handyman can take care of smaller surface problems in a single day, but if the project involves re-laying or replacing a tile, or grouting, it will take at least two days. That's because grout and mortar need at least a full 24 hours to dry and cure before the finishing steps can be done.


Small surface repairs such as filling a chip with epoxy and painting over it can typically be handled by anyone with enough patience, even if they aren't experienced with Vancouver tile repair. But if it's a bigger project that involves mortar and grout and you don't have any experience with that type of work, you probably won't be very happy with the results. Laying tile and grouting can be done by anyone, but it takes a lot of practice and a steady hand to get results that look great and form a smooth, even surface. Our team is often called to finish a job that a homeowner started and realized part way through was not in their wheelhouse—and more often than not, we have to remove what they've already done and start from scratch. With that in mind, you can save yourself time, money, and hassle by just leaving it to our professionals from the start.

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Are you looking for a tile repair expert in Vancouver or a nearby part of Washington such as Camas? If so, stop your search at Mr. Handyman of Vancouver, Camas, and Ridgefield. Our team has the skill and experience to restore your surfaces to beautiful conditions.

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