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Your fence is an important extension of your home, as it provides safety and security for your family and pets. Your fence takes quite a beating over the seasons and is exposed daily to wind, rain and snow, not to mention freeze-thaw cycles.

Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale has technicians that are skilled at reviewing your fence, recommending a solution, completing the repair or maintenance for all fence types, i.e. chain link fence, wood fence, composite fence, garden fence and wrought iron fences. We have bonded and insured technicians that have over 15+ years’ experience in fence repair and maintenance in the Wheaton area.

All our work is guaranteed for up to one year. Our Wheaton team takes pride in their work, here are some of their recent projects at customer’s in your neighborhood. Our local projects take place in Wheaton, Schaumburg, Burr Ridge, Glen Ellyn & surrounding areas.

Fence Repair

As part of your outside maintenance, you should inspect your fence annually in the spring. Occasionally, your fence may need a few new boards to keep it looking in good shape. Wood is prone to expanding and contracting over time, especially with weather conditions which can cause sagging, splitting or warping.

Depending on the extent of your fenced land, walk, ride, or drive along its length and breadth to check for signs of damage. Identify any leaning, lose or rotted fence posts will require the same basic fixes. Loose or leaning posts can be reinforced. In some cases, it might require it to be dug out, replaced with a new post in concrete. Beware of where the fence post emerges from the ground, because this is particularly vulnerable to decay. Also, don’t forget to inspect the wood boards on your deck for any infestation of insects, i.e. carpenter bees, termites, ants, etc.

Here are a few steps to consider for maintenance on your fence: inspect your fence every year or two for wood cracks and rot especially on wood posts; inspect your gate and latch; make any needed repairs; clean your fence to remove all the dirt from the surface; and, add a fresh coat of paint/stain to make it look like new.

Rotten wood fencing will need to be repaired; in fact, wood rot is the number one reason for fence damage. Inspect for broken, sagging, sinking, or loose posts or boards as well. If your fence repairs are extensive, it may be time to replace it.

Fence Cleaning

Fencing that is only dusty or moderately soiled can be cleaned by simply spraying down with your garden hose. You can use a power washer in order to remove more serious dirt, stains, rust, or discoloration, as mold, moss, etc. Power washing is good in the case of an aging wooden fence, it will also strip off the discolored top layer of wood. However, it is important to not damage the wood during this process. If your fence is still under warranty, make sure that power washing will not violate the manufacturer's terms and conditions. After washing, thoroughly dry the fence before you repair, stain or paint.

There are specific fence cleaning solutions, you can use to clean your fence. There are many different types of fence cleaning products. Products with non-chlorine bleach eliminate discoloration and stains; bleach-based products eliminate mildew and acid-based products handle graying and stains. All the fence cleaning solutions can be brushed or sprayed on using a power washer on low pressure. After you have applied the solutions and wait the length of time for the chemicals, the fence will need to be rinsed and dry before applying any paint or stain.

Fence Painting and Staining

If your fence is looking a little dull, a new stain or sealant could be the most cost-effective way to update it. Ensure you have inspected your fence, completed the repairs and cleaned it prior to applying any paint or sealer.

It is recommended to use sealer on your fence. If the wood is in good condition and you're happy with the color, you can use a clear sealer instead of a stain. If you're looking to add some color, and the fence is in good condition, you can use a semi-transparent stain that soaks into the wood and keeps the wood grain visible. Regular painting or sealing will help to protect wood fence against corrosion and other damage in the future.

Be careful with mowers and string trimmers around fences and posts. Avoid letting mulch or soil pile up against the bottom of fence posts and panels. Keep hinges, latches and any moving parts well-lubricated with grease or oil.

No fence project is too small or large for our team of professionals in Wheaton. Give our team a call today at (630) 657-0378 to schedule an appointment now!

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