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7 Signs That You Need Fence Repairs

Did you know that wood fences typically need repairs about every seven years? The exact length of time between when you install a new property border and when you'll need to start fixing it depends on several factors, including material, climate, and how often you get regular maintenance — but no matter what style you have, you'll need repairs eventually.

Not all fence materials last the same amount of time or need the same amount of regular upkeep, but many of the signs that they need repairs are similar. That's because they all serve the same purposes: marking property lines, providing privacy and security, and adding property value. You should consider getting started on repairs any time they fail to do those things — or start doing the opposite.

You don't have to be a professional handyman to spot the common signs of wear in any type of fencing. In fact, many of the warning signs are obvious. Fencing is susceptible to daily wear from rough weather in Wichita, and the effects of those outdoor elements are easy to spot. If you're well-informed about which common issues are warning signs, then you'll be well-prepared to tackle any common fence repairs — or get help from the fence professionals at Mr. Handyman of Wichita Metro Area.

1. Damaged Boards

Cracks, holes, or outright broken boards aren't just deck warning signs. Dealing with that type of damage is also one of the most common fence repairs that people in Wichita are forced to complete.

Wood fences are most likely to show this kind of damage because wood is more vulnerable than most other materials. Insects, pest, moisture, and wood rot all result in a wide range of adversities, from mild damage to broken boards.

2. Pest Damage

This problem is closely related to broken boards. Animals crawling, scuttling, and scratching outdoor surfaces is a frequent source of frustration in Wichita. In some cases, persistent pests will break boards or cause other forms of unfortunate damage.

If you notice insects or animals making homes along your fence boundaries, that's a serious problem. Even if you don't catch any critters in the act, there are other signs that they've been pestering your property lines. Look for unusual post movement or digging around post holes, loosened, fractured, or broken planks, or any other obvious signs of animal activity.

3. Worn Hinges

Fixing squeaky, loose hinges is another common repair in Wichita. Moving parts are some of the most easily damaged components. That's because they're crucial for daily use. That constant movement causes gradual wear over time. Hinges that aren't fixed quickly will eventually break, causing greater potential costs for repairs — and substantially decreasing the security that you get from your fence gate.

You can avoid common gate repairs by completing standard maintenance — which includes regularly oiling your hinges. If your hinges break or display any severe signs of wear, you should consider getting help from a gate repair professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, anyone might be able to enter your property.

4. Cracking or Warped Vinyl

Vinyl fences are certainly less susceptible to rot, but they're not immune to the effects of other elements. Temperature changes still result in cracks or warping. It's possible for exposure to extreme heat or cold in Wichita to damage vinyl and change its shape. That kind of wear doesn't just look unsightly; it also compromises the security and structural integrity of vinyl fencing.

Are you aware that there are different types of vinyl? If the material used by your previous fencing contractors was cheaper, it will be more susceptible to severe weather effects and other issues. If you notice any signs of bulging, bending, cracking, and warping, you should seek assistance from local, trustworthy repair professionals.

5. Slanted Posts

Your fence post is the backbone of the entire structure. Post issues put pressure on your planks. That's a serious problem that jeopardizes every section. If you have slanting, cracked, or otherwise damaged posts, you might be just one gust of wind away from a total collapse.

Some post materials are more susceptible to damage than others. Wood and vinyl are more vulnerable to damage than wrought iron, steel, or other metals. However, shifting soil, burrowing creatures, and other external factors will affect any type of fence post along your line — from one gate post all the way around to the other.

6. Loose or Bent Chain Links

Chain link is a great, inexpensive option for those people who want some security in Wichita and aren't concerned with privacy. Some people even prefer the minimalist look of chain link over other affordable options. Plus, it stands up better to severe weather effects than many of even the more expensive options.

Unfortunately, it isn't immune to damage. Along with slanted posts, the links themselves are another area for potential problems. Debris, heavy objects, animals, and even people all damage links if enough weight is placed against them. That kind of damage is most common near the tops of poles, but it can occur anywhere. Jagged metal causes cuts, tetanus, and other injuries, so it's a good idea to get repair services for any broken links before that happens.

7. Rusty Iron

Wrought iron fences are an elegant option for any piece of property. They add a touch of class and sophistication that improves any property’s appearance — unless, of course, they’re riddled in rust.

Wrought iron fencing isn't just expensive to install. It's also expensive to maintain in Wichita. Wrought iron is susceptible to nearly every common type of repair, and then some. Alongside common gate repairs and other annual maintenance, it also needs regular treatment for rust.

Repair or Replace?

This is a common question for any type of property damage. The two most important factors that you should consider when you're thinking about either option are age and cost. If the cost of continued maintenance and frequent service appointments will exceed the cost of fence installation, then you may be happier with something completely new.

Do You Need A Handyman in Wichita?

The repair experts at Mr. Handyman of Wichita Metro Area frequently complete all types of exterior repairs, from fixing all the issues listed above to deck repairs, power washing, and everything else you might need. Their versatile services apply to interiors too. With just one call, you can check off everything on your to-do list in Wichita and all the surrounding areas — including Schulte, Derby, and Andover.

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