7 Porch Repairs & How We Can Fix Them

Residential porch in need of porch repair service
Is your porch looking a little worse-for-wear these days? Maybe it's been a while since you tended to it, and now what was a glorious contribution to your curb appeal has become an eyesore on your block.

It's very easy not to notice parts of your property falling into disrepair, and then suddenly it looks like a much shabbier shadow of its former self.

If this sounds like your veranda, patio or deck, then it could be time for porch repair services from the pros at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG. Our highly experienced team are experts at a range of both interior and exterior repairs. We can help check-off a number of to-dos on your home improvement list within one appointment. To get a sense of our range and scope, continue reading to see seven typical porch problems our service professionals can solve.

1. Mildew

Have you noticed unattractive stains on your outdoor space? Perhaps a musty smell lingers in the air when you're trying to relax outside? It could be that you have a mildew problem on your porch.

The best way to get rid of mildew is with a pressure washer. The intensely powerful water emitted from a pressure washer will be able to clean away the discoloration caused by mildew, so your outdoor space looks its best and is free of harmful bacteria.

2. Dirt & Staining

Like anything else in your home, especially parts of your property that are outside, your porch will get dirty from time to time. During dry weather, dirt can blow onto your veranda's surface. Likewise, in rainy weather pets and people might track mud onto your porch. Even the rain itself might leave dirt and pollution behind once it dries.

While you may be able to hose down a light layer of dirt yourself, the best way to give your deck, patio or porch a deep clean is with a power washer. Our team is happy to blast away years of buildup from your outdoor surfaces—in fact, your porch will look like it did when it was brand-new by the time we're done with it.

3. Broken, Sunken & Uneven Paving Stones

A common patio and cement porch repair, any stones that are laid directly into the earth will be affected by erosion as time goes on. Erosion is when the earth is impacted by wind, rain and even animals. It will start to change and morph because of these factors, often resulting in sunken or uneven stones. It can even cause cracking—particularly in concrete.

The only way to repair this damage is by digging up and re-leveling the stones. This can be a laborious task, particularly if you're not accustomed to heavy lifting. However, our team of expert technicians know how to carefully—and safely—remove heavy stones and put them back so your patio looks good-as-new.

4. Weeds & Moss

Another common issue for stone and brick porches is weeds growing up between the joints. Moss can also grow on a range of materials—even affecting your wooden structures. While you can pull up weeds manually, pressure washing is also a great option for getting rid of unwanted growth.

5. Rotted Boards & Posts

If you have a wooden porch, it's important to be on the lookout for wood rot. Usually, rot starts to spread in areas that are close to the ground or do not receive a lot of sunlight. It can spread to other areas of your deck, possibly causing serious structural damage—possibly even requiring significant repairs like an entire stair replacement. As soon as you notice signs of wood rot, call us right away to repair the affected areas.

Signs of Wood Rot:

  • Soft wood that you could push a screwdriver through
  • Discolored wood that looks yellow or white
  • Crumbling, splintering or deteriorating wood

6. Loose Railings

Usually a sign of wood rot, loose railings can also be caused by screws and nails that have come loose. If that's the case, it's quite a simple railing repair. However, if wood rot is the cause, you may need to replace the deck railing entirely. You can tell if your porch railing is too loose by grabbing it and giving it a shake. It should not move.


Loose railings are a serious safety hazard and must be repaired right away! Even if your porch is not too high off the ground, a family member—particularly small children who might not be as careful—could lean against the railing and fall. Falls result in nasty injuries that are often preventable.

7. Torn Screen

Porch screens are an excellent way to enjoy being outside without letting bugs into the house—or being devoured by hungry mosquitoes. But when the screen is ripped, this benefit is lost. If you've noticed a tear in the mesh, call us for screen porch repair services today.

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