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The technology that powers smart homes can have a significant impact on the lives of seniors aging in place. Smart lighting, security systems, and other connected technology can help seniors live more fulfilling lives. Feeling safe, comfortable, and self-reliant are essential for peace of mind and are some of the most impactful advantages of smart homes.

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What is a Smart Home?

A smart home interconnects smart lights, appliances, thermostats, and other devices and is controlled with a computer, tablet, or smartphone via the internet. Smart technology for homes gives residents more convenience, comfort, and security—and cost savings.

Automated Comfort

What could be better than smart apps and devices that let you manage the temperature and ambiance in a home with the click of a button? Smart home systems allow you to customize your environment by closing curtains, locking doors, playing music, and much more. From adaptive lighting to pre-programmed settings for your HVAC, innovative technology provides ultimate comfort and convenience.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to controlling lighting throughout your home, technology such as low-energy smart bulbs, smart power strips, and other devices create greater energy efficiency. These energy-efficient devices can also monitor energy consumption, while others can monitor water usage and even track heating and cooling. Convenience and comfort are even sweeter when you rely on smart home technology to help you save on utility bills. 

Security and Safety

Keyless smart locks, motion-sensing lights, and smart cameras help provide maximum security and safety. These and other security devices can be pre-programmed to activate on a set schedule and are easily managed using a smartphone. Innovative technology lets users manage and monitor their security systems, whether they are hitting the sack or miles away.

From safety and security to daily activities and comfort, the advantages of a smart home can make life more manageable and enjoyable for seniors aging in place. 

Smart Homes for Seniors: Accessibility Meets Technology

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A recent American Association of Retired Persons survey asked seniors about the changes needed to prepare their homes for aging in place. Most respondents cited modifications such as a walk-in tub and grab bars in the bathroom as a priority. Most seniors said they would need an emergency response system, and nearly half mentioned innovative technology such as voice-activated assistants. 

Two of seniors' most popular and innovative smart devices for safety and security are smart locks and emergency alert devices.

Smart Locks

Smart locks offer the ultimate safety and security, especially for seniors living alone. These devices can be locked, unlocked, and monitored using a smartphone or other digital device. Smart locks also allow seniors to open the door for expected guests, family, and caregivers and even give them a virtual key they can use. Seniors can feel more in control and safe when they rely on innovative technology for security. 

Smart Emergency Alert Systems

Smart emergency alert systems are far more versatile and practical than the old push-button devices were. Smart emergency devices are more discreet, feature-rich, and can monitor activities and vitals. Voice-recognition features and 24/7 monitoring make these advanced devices essential for older adults living at home. 

Older adults clearly see the value of adopting smart technology to make aging in place more manageable. They understand how using smart devices can minimize physical exertion and situations that can cause falls and other accidents. Implementing smart home technology for seniors also provides much-needed autonomy and control for retaining their independence.

Smart Home Technology Brings Greater Independence for Seniors

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Many seniors face physical and cognitive challenges that can lead to feelings of dependence and frustration. For example, seniors aging in place may need reminders to take their prescriptions, stock up on food, and stay connected. Here are a few essential smart devices that provide on-demand assistance and support.

Smart Speakers with AI Assistants

Voice activation and recognition are innovations that help seniors harness the power of smart technology in their homes. Visual impairment and decline in physical dexterity are challenges many aging people experience—voice-controlled smart devices help them meet those challenges. Smart speakers with embedded AI assistants can keep track of shopping lists, doctor appointments, medication times, and important events. More importantly, they can audibly remind seniors of these details on a routine basis. Seniors can worry less and get more done when they bring an intelligent assistant into their home. 

Smart Health Monitoring

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Older adults can experience many health concerns, from high blood pressure to glucose levels. Smart health monitoring devices provide peace of mind by monitoring vitals such as temperature, oxygen levels, and cardiac health. Many can be programmed to monitor specific conditions, hydration, and sleep patterns for better health. The data is collected in cloud storage and can be easily retrieved by users and their doctors for a proactive approach to better health.

Smart Connections

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For people aging in place and living alone, loneliness can be as much a concern as security safety is. Decreased mobility, lack of transportation, and other factors make getting out of the house difficult. Many seniors rely on visits from friends and family for social engagement and can often feel disconnected. Smart devices can help lonely seniors stay connected via social media and other online platforms. Smartphones, desktop computers, smart speakers, and other connected technology provide nearly endless ways for seniors to engage and feel appreciated.

Smart technology can help older adults enjoy greater independence and better physical and mental health. Smart homes can give them the comfort and peace of mind to make aging in place a better experience. 

Take Control of Your Living Experience. Embrace Smart Home Technology Today! 

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