The Essential Anne Arundel Siding Guide

Did you know that siding is supposed to do more than just look nice? Maintaining its appearance is definitely important — especially for fending off frustrating HOAs. Nice looking exteriors are equivalent to beautiful looking properties; flawless siding is synonymous with safety and security. Your exteriors are as essential for protecting you from exterior elements as they are for projecting an appearance.

Damage and wear will naturally build up on your exteriors over time. There's no way to prevent anything outside from being affected by inclement weather, pests, insects, and in worst-case scenarios, wood rot. That's why regularly inspecting your siding and completing repairs promptly is important. A breach in your exterior barriers doesn't just lower curb appeal, it leaves you exposed to issues inside your property.

Luckily, you don't need the expertise of experienced repair professionals to look for the signs of damage. The experts at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG have decades of experience, and they're happy to pass the knowledge they've gained on to you. Learn more about siding, what red flags to look out for, and what your options are for repairs or replacement. These aren't just fun facts. The information that they're willing to share will protect you against huge disasters and high repair costs in the future.

Signs You Need Siding Repairs

Have you dealt with exterior repairs before? You'll notice that there's some overlap between the warning signs for siding damage and those for other outdoor installations. For example, there are some key similarities between this list and the list of deck warning signs. Anything outside in Anne Arundel and the surrounding areas will be exposed to the same factors that result in storm damage, as well as those pestering insects and animals that cause problems. That means some problems are common issues across all outdoor areas.

Even with those similarities, siding materials have their own unique symptoms of damage. Knowing the general signs of exterior damage is important — wood rot is something you should always look for — but you'll also benefit from knowing specific signs for each area so that you aren't left unaware of any possible need for siding services.

Specific Warning Signs:

  1. Bubbling & Blistering: This disfigurement is more common for vinyl siding that was installed any time from the 60s to the 80s. It's caused by extreme temperature fluctuations, like heat-waves and winter storms. Modern vinyl siding is more durable than it's older ancestors, so it's best to think about siding replacement if you notice this issue.

  2. Bangs & Bumps: Any visible marks or fractures, like dents, holes, cracks, or chips, are areas where surfaces are weaker and vulnerable to future issues. Any major breaks might even expose your frame and interior to water damage. Minor repairs for this kind of issue will protect you from paying for more extensive repair services in the future.

  3. Animal Activity: Weakened exteriors make great entry points for animals in Anne Arundel. Critters seeking out the warmth and safety of your property will attempt to peck or scratch open areas that are already exposed, resulting in greater harm to houses and commercial properties. Keep an eye out for any visible signs of animal activity, like nests, droppings, or scratch marks. You might also hear these pests at work. Any scuttling or scratching noises should be investigated immediately.

  4. Warping Wear: Even modern vinyl can ripple and warp; and poor siding installation is often the cause. If anything is nailed too tightly or at an angle, it could end up misshapen. However, this is also a typical effect of sagging, something that happens naturally over time. Repair services might be enough to fix it, but replacement might be a superior option. Our siding specialists can help you evaluate the extent of your wear and provide advice about what you should do.

  5. Higher Energy Costs: Issues with your exterior walls can also affect your heating and cooling costs. Unaddressed exterior issues are opportunities for warm air to escape outside during winter, or for cool air to creep out during summer. Heating and cooling costs increase in these situations as systems in houses and commercial properties begin working harder by using more energy.

Siding Options in Anne Arundel

If your issues can be resolved with basic repairs, then you'll obviously want to use the same material that already covers the rest of your property, although matching color and style can be an issue if a specific product is not longer available, or the sun has faded the original siding If damage or wear is too serious for repairs, or you're thinking about complete replacements for your older, weaker exteriors, then you'll be happy to know that there is a wide variety of styles available to homeowners and business owners in Maryland.

Choosing quality materials is important, but considering your needs is essential too. What caused your existing problems, and which options would be best for protecting you in the future? Vinyl is the most popular material in Glen Burnie and across Anne Arundel for a good reason, but it still has downsides. You might be more satisfied with wood, brick, or another alternative.

Popular Materials:

  • Vinyl: This is the perfect option for anyone who wants durability at a reasonable price. It will stand up against most major outdoor impacts and it might even come with a warranty. Although it comes in a wide selection of styles and colors, you won't be able to change its appearance again, so be sure you choose a color that you like. It's also not fully-waterproof (only water-resistant) and extreme weather is still likely to leave damage.

  • Metal: Metal siding offers a more modern style with increased protection against issues like rot or warping. It also won't fade over time and requires less maintenance than other materials. Unfortunately, rust is a potential problem that's common with metal. Some metals are also more easily damaged by dents or scratches.

  • Wood: Wood is a classic choice with a natural look. Traditional wood siding is more customizable than other options. You can stain or paint it any color you want, and you can change that appearance later with a fresh coat. Those increased options come at the cost of more frequent repairs and maintenance, along with more susceptibility to insects and rot.

Do You Need Siding Services?

There are many signs of damage, from wood rot to high bills, that bring stress to the lives of people in Maryland. An expert from Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG can help you with repairs for your damaged exteriors. They can also provide suggestions for popular siding brands and materials if installation would be a better choice. There are many additional options that aren't listed here, such as brick and fiber cement, each of which have their own pros and cons.

If you need information, advice, or an appointment, give us a call at 410-593-1456 or get started online.