Glen Burnie Roof Repair: Answers to Common Questions

A hammer and nails lying on top of a roof after new shingles have been installed during an appointment for roof repair.
When you stand out at the curb and look at your house, around 40% of what you see is the roof—but many people barely "see" it at all. Homeowners may be quick to notice problems like damaged siding or leaky windows, but when it comes to the types of problems that require Glen Burnie roof repair service, they often turn a blind eye. A big part of the problem is that the uppermost surface is way up there on top of your house, so there's no way to inspect it up close without climbing a ladder, and that's simply not something most people are willing or able to do.

But your roof is like your house's helmet—it's a critical part of the overall structure that goes a long way toward protecting your house from all sorts of serious problems that can make it less comfortable, livable, and safe. A structure in desperate need of Glen Burnie roof repair is also costing you a lot of money through needlessly high charges on your monthly energy bills. If you suspect you need roof repair in Glen Burnie, MD, you likely have some questions. This guide gives our replies to some of the most common questions we hear from homeowners in this area.

Don't wait to get reliable roof repair service when your local Glen Burnie handyman is standing by, ready to take care of the problem before it turns into a major catastrophe. The experienced team at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG strives to deliver the top standards of quality workmanship and customer service that goes the extra mile to every one of our customers in Glen Burnie and other nearby communities.

Is a Handyman Qualified to do Roof Repair in Glen Burnie, MD?

Not a problem! Our team has the experience and skill to take care of Glen Burnie roof repair on or off the ladder, including residential and commercial roof repairs—and repairs for other nearby parts of your home, such as soffits and fascia. We have full insurance coverage and all applicable state-level licenses, so you can rest assured that we have the ongoing training necessary to work safely and understand municipal and state building codes and regulations. Our team members have also passed an extensive screening process with an employee background check program, so you can rest assured knowing we will behave courteously and professionally at all times. We only hire the most experienced and capable handyman professionals in the area, so we're confident in their ability to get the work done efficiently and correctly. That's why we support them with a workmanship warranty called the Done Right Promise—if it's not done right, we'll make it right.

What Are the Signs My House Needs Glen Burnie Roof Repair Service?

There's a wide range of factors that can contribute to roof damage, from extreme weather conditions and neglect to insect infestations and wildlife attacks. The signs that indicate you need Glen Burnie roof repair services as soon as possible include:

  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Shingles that are warped and either bulging outward or cupping inward
  • Brown water stains on your ceilings or walls
  • Softened, crumbling patches of drywall, especially on the ceiling
  • Water damage, such as patches of wood rot in your attic, can lead to serious structural integrity problems
  • Gutters are full of shingle granules or "sand" from composite or asphalt shingles
  • Cracked or missing vent covers
  • Clogged soffit vent holes or slats
  • Damaged or missing fascia boards
  • Peeling or blistering paint near your roofline
  • Organic plant growth such as moss or algae on your shingles
  • Visible shafts of light coming into your attic space from outside
  • Attic insulation is wet and flattened
  • Condensation is forming on rafters and other surfaces

Can Glen Burnie Roof Repair Lower My Energy Costs?

The answer to this question really depends on the current condition of the uppermost part of your house. If your roof is in rough shape and suffering from problems such as missing shingles, damaged fascia, and soffit boards, attic rain, and other conditions that make it easier for heat transfer to occur, then yes, Glen Burnie roof repair services can help you save money on your energy costs. If your roof is in relatively good shape and you are searching for ways to increase your energy savings, other potential culprits are windows, doors, siding, and wall insulation.

Heat Transfer

Homebuilders and product manufacturers are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to prevent heat transfer, the natural process where thermal energy tries to move from a warmer place to a colder area. So, in practical terms, that means during the summer, when the sun is beating down outside, and you've got your air conditioner on, heat from the sun will try to get inside and warm up your house. In winter, when it's chilly outside, and your heater is running, heat from the furnace will try to escape outdoors. Obviously, that effect changes the temperature in your house, and your HVAC system needs to operate for longer periods of time to compensate for the change. Since it is relatively costly to operate your HVAC system, ideally, it would only be on for the minimum amount of time necessary to get your house to the temperature on your thermostat.

Leaks and Attic Rain

When your roof is in poor condition, it can't do as much to prevent heat transfer from occurring. This effect is particularly pronounced when you have leaks that are letting in excess moisture or are dealing with an attic rain situation. Unless you have a finished attic with livable space up there, the gap directly below your roof is not supposed to be heated. It needs to be able to get wet and dry out on its own, so it needs adequate air circulation through soffit vents and other vent holes. It also needs that circulation to get rid of rising heat and excess humidity.

At the same time, the "floor" of your attic (actually the upper side of your top story ceiling, not a real floor) is covered with insulation to prevent heat transfer between the attic space, which should be around the same temperature as outdoors, and the upper story of your house. When it can't vent properly because the ventilation holes are blocked or sealed off, humid air condenses on surfaces and drips down, which is called attic rain. The moisture flattens out your attic insulation and can cause other issues with it like mildew which reduces the effectiveness of the insulation and allow for heat transfer, ultimately driving up your energy costs. Our handyman team can take care of Glen Burnie roof repair and install fresh attic insulation while we're at it, along with dozens of other reliable handyman services.

Will Roof Repair in Glen Burnie, MD Increase My Property Value?

If you're thinking of putting your house on the real estate market in the near future and want to find ways to boost your property value first, Glen Burnie roof repair services should be on your list of top priorities. The top part of your house has a lot to do with curb appeal because it does take up so much visual space when you stand back on the curb (or across the street) and look at the building as a whole. That's why an increase in property value is one of the big benefits of roof repair in Glen Burnie, MD. In fact, you may be able to get a 40% to 60% return on your investment at the selling price.

But the biggest advantage is convincing prospective buyers to seal the deal. If a buyer comes to look at a house and notices the roof is in visibly bad condition, it's a huge red flag warning them that they'll need to spend a lot of money on repair work after they move in. But if the roof is in great shape, it reassures them that the property has been well-maintained, and they won't experience any nasty surprises after closing on the house.

How Can I Avoid Needing Glen Burnie Roof Repair in the Future?

If you've gotten work done for roof repair in Glen Burnie, MD, you are probably wondering how you can maintain that top layer of your house to avoid needing repair services again in the near future. The most important thing you can do is keep excess moisture away from your roof. You can't prevent rain or snow from falling on it, of course, but you can make sure it is able to dispose of that water easily to prevent festering. Here are some tips on how to go longer between service calls.

Keep Gutters Clean

One of the most important tasks to protect your roof and pretty much every other part of your house exterior is gutter cleaning. Your rain gutters collect all the rain that falls on your roof and channel it into downspouts where it can be safely disposed of away from the house. But if they're crammed full of dead leaves, dirt, animal nests, and other debris, all that rainwater has nowhere to go and can end up pooling on your roof. Those puddles of water eat away at shingles and everything underneath as the water continues its journey downward, straight through your house.

Not exactly excited by the thought of climbing a wobbly ladder to scoop handfuls of rotting muck out of your gutters? Well, that's understandable. You can leave the chore of gutter cleaning to your local Glen Burnie roofer handyman instead, and we'll repair any breaks or weak points while we're up there.

Trim Branches

When it comes to your quest to keep moisture away from your roof, trees are the enemy. Their branches often extend out over roofs, and when it rains, every little leaf gets coated in water that eventually makes its way onto your house. They also drop those moisture-laden leaves in the fall, so they land on your roof and then sit there rotting and attracting even more moisture. The best way to avoid this problem is to trim any nearby branches, so they are not dangling above your roof. Make sure they're at least a few feet away from the house, and you can keep your structure in great condition for much longer.

Check Attic Space

Some homeowners have never even seen their attic space, especially if it's difficult to access. But prevention is the best cure, and the attic is a great place to spot new or potential problems and get them solved before they can worsen and turn into a huge, expensive, time-consuming headache. That's why it is important to check up there a couple of times per year, especially after a major storm has passed by. Look for issues like attic insulation that has been flattened or blown around the space and signs of water damage from a leaky roof such as condensation, patches of rotting wood, and mildew or algae growth.

Annual Roof Inspection

Finally, it's a really good idea to get an annual inspection done if you want to avoid major roofing repair situations. You may not be able to get up there yourself, or you may be unsure of what to look for. That's okay! Count on our team of Glen Burnie handyman professionals for annual inspections and maintenance work that will keep your roof looking great and functioning perfectly to protect your home.

Trust Your Local Handyman for Expert Glen Burnie Roof Repair Solutions

It doesn't matter if you're from Glen Burnie, MD, or a nearby community such as Gambrills, Severna Park, or Odenton—you can still access reliable handyman services from the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG. We are proud to provide exceptional services to our local communities and always prioritize customer satisfaction.

If you're ready to schedule an appointment at a time that's convenient for you, or you have questions about our dependable services in Glen Burnie, MD, and other nearby areas, pick up the phone and give us a call to get all your questions answered quickly and easily.