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Residential home in need of gutter repair service

How to Tell If You Need Gutter Repair or Replacement

Gutter repair and cleaning are among the most neglected household tasks in Arlington — for completely understandable reasons. Most homeowners are not able or willing to spend their weekend up on a wobbly ladder, scooping handfuls of gross, rotten muck out of their rain gutters. However, few homeowners are aware of how critically important that maintenance is for preventing serious water damage.

If you've noticed some issues with your rain gutters, you may be wondering if the whole system needs to be replaced or if you can get away with a few repairs. It basically comes down to the extent of the damage. This guide will cover the situations in which repair is a decent, cost-effective option and when it makes more sense to get replacement service.

Whether you need repairs, replacement, or just a good cleaning, the team of gutter experts at Mr. Handyman of Arlington and Northwest Mansfield can get your system spotlessly clean and perfectly functioning, so you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your house is protected against moisture damage.

Why Are Gutters So Important?

Skeptical that a little trough nailed to the side of your roof could really matter that much? Here's how it works. Normally, your system collects all the rainwater that falls on your roof and channels it safely into downspouts, sending it away from the house where it can't do any harm.

That might not sound important, but let's do some math: one inch of rain on a 1,000 square foot roof produces 620 gallons of water. For comparison, a typical bathtub holds around 60 to 80 gallons.

Arlington receives an annual average rainfall of 39 inches, slightly higher than the national average. That means about 345 bathtubs full of water slosh through your troughs every year—or much more if you have a bigger roof.

If they are crammed full of dead leaves, dirt, and other debris — or if they've suffered breaks, cracks, and dents — all that water comes to a standstill in gutters and spills out. With nowhere else to go, those 345 bathtubs of water pour down the exterior of your home, causing expensive damage that can undermine the structural stability, comfort, and safety of your house. That is why those seemingly insignificant little troughs are so important.

What Happens If Gutters Are Broken or Clogged?

Troughs and downspouts can be damaged by heavy weather, falling tree branches, rodents, and insects, or just wear and tear over time — which is accelerated when they aren't properly maintained with semi-annual or annual cleaning and repair.

So, what exactly can happen to your house if you have broken, clogged, leaky gutters? Here are some unpleasant symptoms of water damage:

  • Water pools on roofing materials, degrading shingles, and causing the roof to leak.

  • Soffit and fascia boards are damaged, letting moisture into your attic or crawl space where it can cause structural support beams to rot and weaken.

  • Damaged siding starts letting water into the walls and creating gaps that rodents and insects can slip into, while raising your utility bill by forcing your heating and cooling system to work harder.

  • Window and door frames are exposed to excessive moisture, creating rotten wood that lets more moisture into the interior of your walls where it encourages the growth of mold, mildew, and wood rot.

  • Water pools around your foundation, causing piers to heave or slabs to crack. It can also erode soil underneath foundations, causing the house to sink.

Gutter Repair Is a Good Choice If...

Damage is limited to one or two sections of gutters: In this case, just those sections can be replaced without needing to tear down the whole gutter system.

There's only a couple small cracks or holes: Small instances of damage can be coated with sealant or closed with a bit of metal flashing.

A few hangers are loose or missing: Your handyman can re-secure gutter hangers or replace them with new ones.

One joint is leaking: It could be as simple as snapping the pieces back together, but it may need to have sealant applied as well.

Minor problems with copper systems: Because copper is so expensive, it will be more cost-effective to repair smaller issues if possible.

They fill up with debris too fast: This isn't exactly a repair, but gutter protection systems can be installed to cover the top of the trough and stop it from filling up as fast in the future.

You Need to Replace Gutters If...

Damage is widespread: If your entire system is riddled with holes, cracks, gaps, rust, and other issues, it will be more cost-effective to replace the whole thing.

A Trough or downspout is badly dented or crushed: If it's just one section, that section can be replaced, but a crushed seamless gutter or severe denting on multiple sections warrants replacement.

Water stains, wood rot, and peeling paint on your home: If you're seeing signs of moisture damage on your home's exterior, it's a good indication that your gutters are not performing their function.

Fasteners or screws don't stay in place: If the fasteners securing the troughs to your roof are constantly coming loose — even after repair — it's a sign that the system is past its expiration date.

Water isn't moving even though they're not clogged: If water just sits in the trough and doesn't move to the downspout, they may be pitched incorrectly, and your handyman will likely need to replace them to get the pitch corrected and the water flowing again.

Mr. Handyman is Your Gutter Repair Expert in Arlington!

Have you noticed some problems that require repair, replacement, or cleaning? Whether you're in Arlington or nearby areas such as Coppell, Grapevine, or Euless, you can trust the team at Mr. Handyman of Arlington and Northwest Mansfield to provide experienced residential gutter repair services and exceptional customer service. And, if your home has suffered damage, we also offer siding, soffit, and fascia repair, wood rot mitigation, and other repair services.

Give us a call today at 817-567-2433 or request service online to find out why we're considered Arlington's best choice for handyman jobs!