Driveways and concrete maintenance - an overlooked area of home maintenance.

Cracked Concrete Driveway Concrete driveways and sidewalks are often the most overlooked area of home maintenance. Concrete is supposed to last forever, isn't it? It's durable and fairly indestructible, so how can it deteriorate?

The truth is, concrete has to be maintained if you want it to last the lifetime of the home. Maintaining the integrity of the concrete is far less costly than replacing it. In some situations, tearing up landscaping and sprinkler systems is unavoidable. Although unlevel concrete pads or a crumbling surface will not affect your creature comforts during the winter months, they can cost you a bundle to repair when not properly maintained. The winter months are the most damaging to concrete.

Concrete "heave" is when a section of concrete rises up above other adjacent pads.

Concrete "spalling" is what happens when it looks like the moon's surface on your driveway (pockmarks).

Both concreate heave and spalling can be prevented with the proper maintenance. The seams, cracks and surface should be properly sealed every fall.

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