Bathroom Tile Ideas: Choosing A Design For Floor, Shower & Counters

Remodeling a bathroom means making a lot of choices about materials and design. During a remodel, most people eventually choose to add tile to their bathroom. Tile is especially suited to bathrooms because of its look, versatility, and durability. There are many ways to use tile creatively in a bathroom remodel for floors, showers, and countertops.

Choosing Tile

Choosing tile may be the hardest decision of the entire bathroom remodel process because there are so many different varieties to choose from. There are several factors to consider when picking out tile that will help you choose the right tile for your needs.

Handyman adding grout to tile

First, consider where the tile will be used. It is important to consult a licensed contractor when using heavier tiles like marble, slate or stone to make sure there is adequate structure to support their weight. Ceramic and mosaic tiles have more versatility and can be used throughout a bathroom. Homeowners should also consider installation. Floor tiles require an even surface and mosaic tiles take considerable patience and pre-planning to install correctly. Professional tile installers can help make a tile installation go smoothly and last longer.

Tile Floors

white bathroom with brown tile

Tile floors in bathrooms can set the tone of a room and bring a spa-like quality to one of the most used rooms in the house. Depending on tile selection and design, they can unify the decor of the entire room.

Homeowners can create a uniform design with large monochromatic tiles. Large slate or quarry tiles can make a bathroom feel warmer and more inviting. Lighter colors will brighten a bathroom and darker tones will tend to create a more relaxing environment.

Floors make a great place to add simple designs as well such as checkerboard patterns or repetitive designs. Choosing tile designs appropriate for the era of a home, such as small art deco-inspired tiles for a 20's or 30's style, can complement an older home and add to its overall design continuity.

Tile Showers

blue tiled shower

Using tile in showers adds another dimension to a bathroom remodel. Tile is fairly easy to keep clean and holds up well in wet conditions. There are infinite design ideas for using tile in a shower.

A classic use is to create a mosaic or pattern. White subway tiles look great in showers and will give a clean, modern look. Homeowners can also create designs or images such as ocean waves, beautiful foliage, or other relaxing imagery. Natural stone tiles also work great for showers and bring a spa-like feel to a bathroom.

A new and exciting use of tile in showers is glass tiles. Tiling an entire shower with glass tiles brightens a shower as it catches the light and gives a bathroom a modern edge.

Tile Counters

Tile can really bring a countertop to life and bring a clean look to the bathroom. Counters are also a great place to get creative in a bathroom, since these surfaces don't see the kind of use that a kitchen counter does.

Choose large tiles to reduce the number of grout lines if cleaning grout is a concern. There are also a wide variety of colored grouts available that not only complement different shades of tile, but also make cleaning less of an issue.

When installing countertops, include a decorative backsplash. Mosaic designs, subway tiles, and thinner, horizontal tiles work well on backsplashes and create a nice focal point in the bathroom.

Incorporating tile into a bathroom remodel is easy and can add warmth and depth to the room. There are so many ways to bring the versatility and design of tile to a bathroom, whether in the floor, shower or countertops, that every homeowner should consider adding tile to their remodeling project.

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