Melted Vinyl Siding: Avoid Siding Repair with Proper Grill Safety

Six Grill Safety Tips for BBQ Season

Vinyl Siding melted by propane grill.

Summertime has arrived, and tagging along with it is the peak season for outdoor grilling! While grilling and barbecuing serve as great ways to spend quality time with family and friends during the summer months, many risks are presented that homeowners should be aware of in order to prevent adverse situations.

Every year, outdoor grilling causes approximately 8,000 house fires, resulting in $80 million worth of property damage. Take for example, one of
our homeowners here in Ann Arbor, Mich. Two weeks after moving into their new home, this couple was barbecuing outside on their deck.
However, without being aware, their gas grill Vinyl Siding after repairs caused by hot propane grill was emitting hot particles from the back of the grill, which was conveniently placed against the side of their house and was melting the siding.

As this couple was fortunate enough to avoid a full house fire, they were left with a large hole in the side of their home, which prompted them to call Mr. Handyman for help. After three hours of hard work, a replaced foam backing board, six pieces of siding, and a new J Channel, this home was back to ideal working condition.

What did these homeowners learn from this experience?

Here are some helpful tips in preventing grill disasters:

  • Keep the grill or BBQ located 10 feet away from the house and three feet away from flammable objects.
  • Inspect the grill prior to utilizing it. What builds up during the off-season (bugs, leaves, leftover food residue) is a leading cause of grill fires, and therefore, should be cleaned thoroughly before use.
  • Habitually check for leaks and breaks in the gas hose.
  • Be aware that gas grills are six times more likely to initiate a fire than charcoal grills.
  • Refrain from adding lighter fuel and other flammable liquids to a warm or burning grill.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Do not leave a grill or barbecue unattended!

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