Bathroom Floor Ideas | The Best Flooring Options: Vinyl, Wood & Tile

Bathroom Tile Floor.

Bathroom floors have to sustain a wide variety of uses. They regularly get wet and must hold up in humid conditions. They need to be easy to clean and maintain an attractive finish. Bathroom floors also have to remain safe to walk on even while wet or damp. Choosing the right kind of flooring for a bathroom requires careful consideration including how much traffic a bathroom sees, what it takes to install the floor, and the cost of the flooring material.

Vinyl Flooring Vinyl flooring can be a great choice for bathrooms. It is relatively inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes. Homeowners can even choose a vinyl flooring that looks like wood or tile but features a lower cost and ease of vinyl.

Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and care for using a mild cleaner and a mop. Proper installation of the flooring by either the homeowner or a professional handyman, will ensure that it resists water and will help prevent moisture from leaking into the subflooring. Vinyl tiles are a DIY favorite, while vinyl sheets may require professional installation. Vinyl flooring might not give a bathroom the luxurious feeling of wood or tile, but its durability and low cost make it a good choice for kids' bathrooms or bathrooms that see heavy use. Wood Flooring A wood floor in a bathroom instantly provides a certain amount of warmth and style to the design. Wood floors may not seem like the best option for a bathroom, given the amount of moisture, but when sealed and cared for correctly, wood floors can add charm and elegance to a bathroom. There is a wide variety of wood floors suitable for bathrooms. Homeowners can choose more sustainable wood options like bamboo or cork. A cork floor can add a lot of comfort to a room and requires only a simple sealant to make it appropriate for a bathroom. Hardwood floors might look best in older homes or homes where hardwood is the dominant flooring material elsewhere. Continuing the hardwood into the bathroom provides continuity of style. Installing hardwood floors requires a more in-depth knowledge of construction. Homeowners should consider hiring a professional handyman to install hardwood floors. Properly installed hardwood floors will last for decades if installed and cared for properly. Tile Flooring Opting for tile flooring in a bathroom instantly adds a spa-like quality and makes any remodel, no matter the budget, look expensive and luxurious. Like vinyl and wood, tile offers many options in style, color, and texture. Homeowners can personalize a bathroom through endless tile choices such as glass accent tiles or mosaics.  Homeowners must usHandyman adding grout to tile.e some caution when choosing tile for a bathroom. Look for the least porous materials to prevent water damage. Also look for tiles that will protect against falls on wet floors. Ceramic tile tends to work best for bathrooms. The right sealant and the right grout will help prevent the most common tile problems including mold, mildew, and cracking. Professional tile installers can help ensure that installation goes quickly and is done correctly to prevent these issues.

Any remodeling project in a home requires thoughtful decision-making; bathroom floors are no exception. Homeowners should consider all the options and choose the flooring that works best for their home. This article is part of the Bathroom Remodeling series. Read more for bathroom makeover tips from Mr. Handyman.