Gate and Fence Maintenance

A little maintenance will increase the life of your gates and fences and prevent costly repairs or replacement. Here are some tips that will help you get the job done:

Gates and Hinges

Wooden gate with hinges

Ensure that rocks, weeds and dirt don't obstruct your gate or prevent its free-swinging action. Tighten loose screws on hinges and latches and remind children that swinging on gates is a no-no.

Wood Fences

  • Keep dirt out of contact with the bottom of wood fences to prevent rot.
  • Call an exterminator if you find termites or ants.
  • Pound in nails that are protruding.
  • Stain or paint as needed to keep wood protected.

Vinyl and Aluminum Fences

Once a year, hose down vinyl and aluminum fences and wipe clean with a rag. For tougher stains from grass, leaves or storm debris, use a mild soap solution. Cleaning the fence may take a little elbow grease, but an annual cleaning will help prevent stains from setting in.