Built-in Bookshelves | Bookshelf Design Ideas for Bedroom, Stairs & Kitchen

Custom Built-In Bookcase in Dining Room.

Bookshelves hold so much more than books. Family photos, travel mementos, and electronics often take up more shelf space in a home than a collection of hardcovers. When using bookshelves to store other items, built-ins work best. They allow for seamless integration into existing room layout and décor and can result in a tidy presentation. Three areas in the home prove perfect for the addition of built-in bookshelves.

Custom Stair Bookshelves Make a Great Display
Some homeowners use the area under the stairs as a gallery space. Others recognize that it can provide display opportunities and additional storage. If the under-the-stairs area also serves as the entryway, the ideas for items that can call it home are endless. The area closest to the door can contain bins for shoes and other items that come on and off at the door, such as purses, briefcases, and dog leashes. Putting these types of items in attractive bins that tuck neatly into built-in bookshelves allows for a clutter-free entryway. A professional handyman can help homeowners decide on shelf sizing to make the most of the built-in location.

Kitchen Custom Bookcase.

Kitchen Bookshelves Provide Storage
Even a kitchen with serious amounts of cabinet storage can benefit from the installation of a built-in bookshelf. Homeowners who do not use a breakfast bar area can turn the wall below into additional storage. The open design allows for the display of cookbooks, collectible plates, crockery, and even children's art projects. Mr. Handyman's experienced technicians are happy to provide carpentry services and can suggest built-in bookshelves customized to the room and budget, or the homeowner can present a sketch of exactly what is wanted.

Bedroom Bookshelves
Perhaps the area in the home that benefits most from built-in bookshelves is the bedroom. Many homeowners like to start the day by watching a morning show while they get ready for work. Or they may get in a little exercise via a workout DVD right after rolling out of bed. A TV in the bedroom proves convenient in both of these instances. At the end of the day, though, the bedroom should offer no distractions, allowing for full relaxation before sleep. A built-in bookshelf with doors allows for such storage. Doors open in the morning to reveal a flat-screen TV and other electronics, and they close to remove them from sight after a long day at work. Mr. Handyman's experienced technicians excel at helping homeowners choose built-in bookshelves that complement existing décor in a bedroom.

Once bookshelves have been built into an area, there are a few organization tips to keep in mind:

  • Vary heights of items create visual interest and allow for more items on a shelf, as the different heights leave space open.
  • Alternate between stacking books horizontally and shelving them vertically. Rows of books shelved vertically can make a bookshelf look packed.
  • Scatter framed photos and artwork throughout a built-in bookshelf and place smaller items in front. This works exceptionally well with trip photos and mementos, as they can be grouped by region and tell travel tales all by themselves.