Outdoor Football Goal Posts

Description: Create scaled-down football goalposts to use in games in your own backyard!

Difficulty (on a scale of 1 - 3 hammers):

Hammer and Nail Art

Time: About 1 hour once you have the materials and tools.


    • 2 lengths of 10' pipe
    • 2 T connectors
    • 2 elbow connectors
    • 2 stakes


                          1. Cut one length of 10' pipe into two 5' sections.
                          2. Cut a second length of 10' pipe into one 6' section and two 2' sections.
                          3. Repeat.
                          4. Assemble two goalposts by fitting the 6' section into a T connector.
                          5. Then attach the two 2' sections to either side of the T to create a large T.
                          6. Attach an elbow connector to each 2' section.
                          7. Attach 5' sections to the other side of the elbow.
                          8. Repeat to create another goalpost.
                          9. Push the stake into the ground at the desired outdoor safe location and place the goal post on top.
                          10. Enjoy a game of football in your yard with these goalposts! Sure, they're not regulation-sized, but who really cares? Tip: Do you want bigger goalposts? Just do the math and increase the lengths shown here and you got it!

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