Exterior Door with Pet Door and Other Dog and Cat Door Solutions

When Spot has to go, he has to go. Your dog can't always wait for you to get home from work or notice him sitting patiently by the door. Fortunately for you both, many pet door options exist that allow family pets to go outside and come back in again without your assistance. Learn more about these products, and then talk to your professional handyman about which one best suits your situation.

Exterior Door or Wall with a Pet Door

Pet-Door Homes with a solid door leading into a fenced yard present the best option for pet owners. There are multiple kits on the market that simply require you to cut a hole in your door and insert the adjustable frame, which telescopes to fit the depth of the opening. It features a vinyl flap that your dog or cat pushes through to go out or come inside. These types of doors come in a variety of heights and also have a lockable cover that allows you to close the opening at night, keeping your pets in and nosy critters out.

If you do not have a solid door leading into your fenced yard, kits also are available for insertion into an exterior wall. Mr. Handyman is the preferred installer of PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors, the best pet door on the market. No matter which setup you select, it proves beneficial to have a professional install the pet door to ensure the best fit. A poorly installed door can decrease the energy efficiency of your home or even come loose with use.

Electronic and Automatic Dog and Cat Doors

If you want more control over what comes in your pet door when not locked, such as if you live in an area with bold wildlife, versions of the door described above come with automatic electronic controls. These controls allow your dog or cat to open the door via an ultrasonic pet collar. This prevents wildlife from wandering in through the door, as well as uninvited humans. You would be surprised how easily an adult can fit through a medium or large pet door.

Sliding Glass Door With Pet Doors

Pet-Door-Sliding-Glass Door If the door leading into your fenced yard is sliding glass, you have two options. You can opt for a panel insert that slides into the top and bottom tracks of your door and features a pet door at the bottom. You also can convert one of your sliding glass doors into a pet-friendly exit and entrance. The bottom half gets divided into two sections, with one featuring a pet door with a flap. The latter option offers more security, as an intruder can easily kick in a panel insert. It requires professional conversion, as well.

Screen Pet Door

If you don't want to cut into a door or wall or use a less-than-secure insert, you do have another option. You can install a pet door into your screen door. It works just like the door inserts, but the frame and flap get installed into the screen. You also should choose professional installation to avoid ruining your screen door with inaccurate measurements or not perfect installation.

No matter which pet door you choose, keep a few other factors in mind when allowing your dog or cat free access to the outside. Outdoor cats can easily contract diseases such as feline leukemia and parasites such as fleas during their wanderings of the neighborhood. Cats and small dogs face danger, as well, from predators. In some areas of the country, they make up a significant portion of the diet of coyotes, hawks, eagles, and owls. If you want to give your cat or dog the most secure place to hang out possible, ask your professional handyman about creating a screened-in porch or deck.

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