Masonry Repair and Installation for Brick, Walkways and Fireplaces

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Masonry Repair and Installation

Is the brick in your fireplace or walkway looking a little shabby? Or are you looking to actually install a new element to your home with brick?

Unless you're highly skilled, we recommend hiring a professional handyman to complete your masonry repair or brickwork. For example, installing (or even repairing) a brick walkway or fireplace requires experience working with masonry cement (mortar) and tools like a trowel, level, mason's line, joint striker, and more.

If you're really looking to get your hands dirty, we highly recommend starting small before tackling bigger projects like a retaining wall/planter.

Again, unless you have the skill set, time, energy, and funds to purchase all the tools and materials for such a job, we highly recommend leaving masonry/brickwork to professionals like Mr. Handyman.

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