Built-in seating in living room

Built-in Seating for Your Living Room

Adding built-in seating for your living room not only adds to your home's value and charm but it can also generate added storage space and capacity.

If you're looking to create more seating, storage or charm to your living room, you might want to consider built-in seating.

Houzz and Pinterest are great websites to start helping you generate ideas for what suits you and your home.

Built-in seating can be perfect for small areas like near a fireplace or for a window seat, but you can actually make built-in seating be your main source of getting comfortable. Many choose to use built-in seating as their main place to sit instead of a couch or sofa.

If storage isn't really an issue but you frequently have guests over and want to be the "hostess with the mostess," you can hire professionals like Mr. Handyman to create more space for your guests with built-in seating. In the image below, this homeowner opted not to include storage as part of the seating but created an almost bench-like feature near the fireplace for more guests to sit.

No matter what you're looking for with your built-in seating needs, Mr. Handyman can help. Request service now or contact your local Mr. Handyman business for your home repair, improvement, maintenance or remodel needs.