Above Ground Pool Decks - Enhance Your Pool Area with Raised Decks

A swimming pool with a deck.

There are many advantages to having an above ground pool. They fit into smaller and/or oddly shaped yards more easily than inground pools. You can take them with you when you move. And above-ground pools cost much less than even the least expensive inground options. They do have one drawback for some homeowners: their appearance. Above-ground pools just don't flow into the landscape as easily as inground pools.

You can work around this issue, though, by installing a deck that meets the edge of the pool. Let's take a look at some standout designs that do exactly that.

A swimming pool with a deck.

Above-Ground Pool With Stone or Wooden Wall

In this design , part of the pool sits against the deck, with a stone wall encircling the remaining edges. It blends well with both grass and hardscaping such as rocks. The exterior of the above-ground pool is hidden below the deck and by the stone wall, giving it a more upscale look. The stone wall also provides privacy elsewhere on the deck. You can take a similar approach with wood if it will better suit your home's architecture and/or setting.

Encase Your Pool With a Wood Deck

You also can extend decking to completely surround your above-ground pool. In this design , the pool serves as the focal point of the deck, with walkways and seating along its edge. This layout works well for a family that entertains often, and the height of the deck is the only way to tell that the pool was actually not installed in the ground.

Stand Alone Pool Decks

If you have a large lot, you may want to locate the pool away from the house to keep noise to a minimum for those relaxing inside. This design features a stand-alone deck that meets the edge of the pool, wrapping around it to provide easy access into the pool. Signage, tiki torches, and patio furniture add to the ready-for-fun atmosphere.

Adding a Hot Tub Within a Wooden Deck

All of these ideas also can work for hot tubs. In this woodsy setting , a deck wraps around the back of a home, with the first level against the house, a second level with bench seating and a third with the hot tub as the focal point. Once inside, it will feel like the most private place on the planet for a soak.

Other Factors to Consider When Installing an Above-Ground Pool With Deck

Keep these tips in mind when making plans:

  • If you are using a deck to hide the appearance of an above-ground pool, keep in mind your most common vantage point. In other words, if the back of the pool sits close to fencing, only deck the areas you will see from your home. You can save money by opting for a partial deck.
  • Don't forget the landscaping. You can use landscaping to hide the areas of the above-ground pool that remain exposed. Shrubbery and the like will prevent swimmers from accessing the pool in ways that they should not, which can cause damage. Just be sure to choose plants that will not shed into the pool and create a mess.
  • Remember to include a separate, gated entrance to the pool area that locks if required to by law. Even in states that do not require it, securing access to the pool helps keep younger kids, whether guests or members of your family, from swimming unsupervised or getting themselves into a dangerous situation.
  • Build storage into your deck design. Check out this cool storage idea that keeps unsightly hoses out of sight and these benkches that double as storage.

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