Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Walkways, Fences & Entry Trellis

house with three car garage, with driveway, sounded by trees

More than likely, your front yard is the first impression of your home. Whether friends or family visit for the first time or several times, create a great impression that is warm and welcoming. Read Mr. Handyman's front yard landscaping ideas to create that WOW! factor...

Walkways. There are so many options when it comes to choosing the material for your walkway and how you would like it to look. Depending on your tastes and space for your walkway, you can opt for a straight or curved option. Straight walkways are obviously the simplest to design while a curved pathway offers a more welcoming, charming feel. As far as materials, again, this is dependent on the look and feel you desire. Popular choices include concrete, stone, gravel, and brick.

Curb Appeal Tips
Fences. A fence in your front yard can not only be a charming addition to your home, but can also prevent beloved animals from escaping, unwanted animals from doing their "business" on your lawn, and protect your lawn/grass. You could go for the classic "white picket fence" look as many people still hold that as an iconic American classic. Or you could opt for something more modern. There are many materials that could be used for a front yard fence like brick, wood, aluminum, and vinyl. If your simply looking for fence repair or an entire new look, it would be best to contact a professional fence contractor before you start, especially if you never set-up fencing before.

Entry Trellis. An entry trellis can create an almost magical entrance into your home. Depending on your tastes, entry trellises can be very simple in design to very ornate and intricate. Usually a trellis is surrounded by matching fencing but that certainly isn't required. They're also great when covered in climbing plants like Boston Ivy, Golden Trumpet, and Morning Glory.

What are some of your favorite ideas for front yard landscaping? Have an idea of your own? Please share it in the comments section below...