Creating a Modern Exterior Facade with Slatted Wood Panels

modern slatted wood home front

If you are looking for an exciting way to update the exterior of your home with a modern look consider adding slatted wood panels. This design option can be used to create a cool elegant look to the front or back of your home. Here are a few places we suggest trying this design option:

Accent Your Siding - Integrate horizontal slats into a traditional home to give it a modern look. Using slates with your already existing siding will give your home texture and curb appeal.

Garage Door - Give your garage a facelift by using slatted wood panels. Incorporate frosted glass windows to contrast the wood and make it even more of a focal point.

Fence or Gate - Instead of opting for a metal or vinyl fence or gate choose slatted wood panels. Using this type of material will provide separation to your backyard and will allow you to feel less closed off from the outdoors.

Entryway or Balcony - Create shade and solitude in your entryway or on your balcony by adding slatted wood panels. If you have a roof or pergola above you can also consider hanging the panels from a ceiling track to create movable panels.

Porch or Patio - Tear down the walls of your old outdated screened-in porch or add much-needed privacy to your patio with slated wood panels. This will not only add curb appeal to the facade of your home but it will also create a tranquil space that you will enjoy spending time in.

Adding slatted wood panels to the exterior of your home is an easy way to add privacy and curb appeal. If done correctly, it can take your home's facade to a whole new level.