Outdoor Storage Ideas from Sheds to Containers

Green and white shed

Fall is just around the corner, which means there will be lots of leaf raking, pumpkin carving, and enjoyment of the last dwindling days of sunshine before winter. Deciding what storage spaces you need can be crucial to organizing your backyard. What better time to do this than before all of the autumn leaves pile up? Remember, defining and organizing your yard can make a positive visual impact on a backyard. Set aside a few hours to try this out and see how much it helps give your backyard a warmer appearance.

Find an old wood pallet to create a garden tool organizer: Most of you will have pallets laying around your garage and if not, any general store will have these in the back, just ask! Once you have the pallet, all you have to do is flip it over on its side (so that it is standing vertical), then voila! You have a storage unit to hold your outdoor tools. Now, if you want to add a spot for smaller tools, you can drive a few nails into the top of the pallet and loop strings around them so that those smaller tools can hang. Lastly, if this is going on display, all you have to do is grab a hand sander, sand it down, then apply a fresh coat of paint of your choice!

Hanging baskets on a wood pallet: Another way to maximize the utility of a pallet is to hang baskets from it! This is another simple trick for outdoor organization. All you have to do is lean the pallet upright, hammer in some sturdy nails (however many you want), and hang baskets or any other sturdy container which suits you. This way it can be used as storage for toys laying around, pet food, flowers, or even wayward towels.

Storage containers: Storage containers are an efficient and great way to keep the clutter off your lawn and ensure backyard messes are manageable. A simple, yet chic idea for containers is to use simple rounded horse troughs. These are great because they add rustic charm to your yard. They are also reliable during unfavorable weather and can store a surprising amount. Garden hoses are a great way to take advantage of these storage containers too -- keep that lawn clutter compacted into one area.

Sheds: If you use your garage for your car and other miscellaneous household items, a storage shed might be the best alternative for you to store your outdoor machines and tools. This way you can keep household and outdoor items separate. A shed provides a special home to store anything you have for your yard (i.e. pallet organizers, large containers, lawn mowers). They are easily accessible and simple to put together. There are many sites online which teach you how to build for yourself or you can specifically go storage shed hunting until you find the one which fits perfectly in your backyard.