Installing Swing Sets and Play Structures

A wooden play set in a yard.

If you're looking to make your yard into a paradise for kids, think about installing a swing set or play structure. A swing set or play structure can bring hours of fun to kids of all different ages and will prove to be an investment over time.

Prepare Your Yard

Before you start installing your new set or structure the first thing you need to do is prepare your yard. Know the dimensions of the set or structure you will be adding and choose a location that can provide you with adequate space to play. You also want to choose and area away from concrete, fences or other obstructions that may interfere with the height and width of your set or structure.


Your set or structure will most likely consist of a main frame, possibly with a playhouse, along with swings and a slide. Of course, depending on what model you choose, your set or structure may also come with a rock wall, sandbox or canopy. Just remember to purchase all of the needed materials and tools for the set or structure that you have chosen before you start the assembly process.

Carefully layout the materials and locate the central frame of the playhouse. Start by bolting together the frame for the playhouse and then bolt together the main posts and supports. Once you've this done you can tighten and secure the set or structure with steel screws. Then you can attach the decking and any plank walls once the frame is complete.

Once the set or structure is stable you can install any extra components such as a climbing wall, slide or rope ladder. Finish by pounding stakes into the ground that are fit against the set or structure beams at the bottom of the frame. This will provide your set or structure with the strength it needs to keep the frame from moving.

After the Installation

Check the structure for safety issues and make sure you have no gaps between planks, protruding screws or loose decking. After the set or structure passes your inspection make sure that you maintain it as well. Look over hardware such as nuts and bolts, all coverings, chains, ropes, handles and swings on a monthly basis. Also, it is a good idea to teach kids about the rules of the set or structure. Never allow children to tie jump ropes or other objects to the set or structure that may become a safety hazard.

To add a finishing touch to your new pay area you can also add wood chips or rubber mulch around the set or structure that will cushion falls and can prevent the area from become muddy after it rains.

If you want to add a set or structure to your yard but choose to outsource the work, contact Mr. Handyman today!