Window Pane Replacement Installers

Window with a planter below it

Broken window panes can be a nuisance, not to mention an unfortunate cost you didn't budget for. Want to try and replace it yourself? Here is what you need to know for a DIY window pane replacement project:
  1. Remove the broken pane: Whether your window is cracked or shattered, there will still be glass in your existing window pane. The first thing to do is remove the glass. While wearing safety goggles and gloves, remove all the glass from your window pane. If your window is cracked, tape an "X" across the glass before hitting it with a hammer to reduce and control shattering.
  2. Remove excess compound: After all the glass is cleared, there will most likely still be compound left from the old glass window. With a putty knife, scrape the old compound away completely.
  3. Sand: sanding down your window frame is an important step because it ensures the wood is clean and ready for a properly installed glass pane.
  4. Prime for extra protection: Priming the frame after it's completely clean and sanded can ensure that no oils from the caulk or compound will soak into your wood frame.
  5. Order a glass pane: Order your new glass pane about 1/8" smaller than your window frame to ensure a perfect fit.
  6. Caulk: If you want to be sure that you get a completely waterproof seal, apply a small amount of caulk around the inside of the pane.
  7. Insert glass and glazing points: Insert your glass pane and press glazing points into the frame every few inches along the sides. Also, be sure to insert glazing points about two inches from each corner.
  8. Seal with glazing compound: Apply glazing compound around the edge of the new glass pane and smooth over with a putty knife. Remember to clean off any excess compound from the glass before it dries.
  9. Allow to dry completely: Allow your new window pane to dry completely before installing it back into your window frame.
  10. Paint: To make sure the seam and frame are protected, it is a good idea to paint over your newly refurbished frame before re-installation.

Important note: Homes built before 1978 may have lead paint on surfaces surrounding the window glass and all repair steps should be completed according to Lead Safe Practices. For more information, visit

Not sure you're up for the job, or the time commitment to complete it? We can help with your window pane replacement project and other home repair, improvement, maintenance, and remodeling jobs.