Holy Cow, We Love These Sliding Barn Doors

Dining room with sliding barn doors
Sliding barn doors are all the rage these days. They offer a rustic yet modern design to any doorway or passageway in your home. They come in various designs, sizes, patterns, colors, stains, etc. There's really a sliding barn door for everyone - it just depends on your taste. And the hardware is certainly a part of the aesthetic, too.

If you're the DIY-type, sliding barn doors are certainly a doable project, however, you do need to have the proper tools and materials in order to complete it properly. Check out the video below from This Old House for its DIY approach:

If you prefer to leave the woodworking to someone a little more qualified, there are many websites out there that have pre-made sliding barn doors and accompanying hardware kits. Websites like Real Sliding Hardware and Barndoors & Hardware offer a number of different designs.

Actually installing a sliding barn door is again, something you can DIY or outsource to a professional handyman. It just depends on the confidence level of your handyman skills and if you have the proper tools (and the time) to complete the job.

If you're looking to add an interior sliding barn door to your home, contact the locally owned and operated Mr. Handyman in your area - we'd love to install your door properly and in a timely manner. Tell us in the comments section what you're favorite sliding barn door looks like.