The Ultimate DIY Gutter Cleaning Tool

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Cleaning gutters is mostly viewed as an overwhelming task. The thought of climbing a ladder with an accompanying bucket and manually scooping out leaves from a gutter just doesn't appeal to most. Is there a way to get around this? The answer is....yes, there is! In this blog, we will talk about the (little known) ultimate DIY gutter cleaning tool. This tool requires a little work and allows you to clean the gutters effectively. All without climbing on a ladder or manually scooping out leaves!

The tool we are talking about? None other than a customized PVC attachment to your water hose! This unique attachment allows you to spray out leaves and debris without climbing a ladder! Below are step by step instructions and video by Howcast.

Step 1: Cut 2 lengths of pipe
Cut 2 6-inch lengths of pipe from the 10-foot section with your saw.

Step 2: Glue the short sections
Use PVC cement to connect the 2 small sections to one of the 90-degree elbows.
Dry-fit the sections together before gluing to make sure they fit snugly.

Step 3: Connect the other elbow
Join one of the ends of one of the small sections to the other 90-degree elbow with PVC cement.

Step 4: Connect the long piece
Connect the remaining 10-foot section of PVC pipe to the open end of the 90-degree elbow to form a long, J-shaped hook and glue a solid end cap to the short end of the hook. Then drill 3 1/8-inch-diameter holes in the cap.

Step 5: Attach a hose adapter
Glue a threaded adapter onto the opposite end of the pipe and attach your garden hose.

Step 6: Clean the gutter
Place the short end of the hook inside your gutter and then turn on the water. Walk around the house holding the long end of the hook and three high-pressure streams of water will shoot out of the holes you drilled, cleaning the gutters.

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