White bathroom with brass fixtures

Cold Bathroom? Install a Bathroom Ceiling Heater

Winter will be here sooner than you can think. For some of us, that means spending mornings and nights in a cold bathroom. A bathroom ceiling heater is the perfect way to solve the cold bathroom blues. Did you know keeping your bathroom warm can also help prevent problems with mold and mildew? Before choosing a bathroom ceiling heater, ensure that it's the adequate size for your bathroom. Also consider the ventilation in your bathroom before choosing a bathroom ceiling heater. Although many bathrooms have outstanding ventilation, some will require additional help. It's possible to find bathroom heaters that include fans for ventilation, so it will be worthwhile considering these if you have a small or poorly ventilated bathroom. Deciding how much heat you will need depends largely upon the size of the room. Ideally, a bathroom ceiling heater should provide 10 watts of power for every square foot of your bathroom. If there is no other source of heating, you should consider about 15 watts per square foot of space. Also, the times of day you want heat in your bathroom is an important consideration when you are choosing a bathroom heater. Factors such as how quickly a particular heater will be able to warm up the room may be important in the selection process. High powered heaters and heaters which have fans to move the warm air around the room tends to work faster.

Also, special consideration should be given to how the heater will be operated. If your bathroom needs to be kept warm at all times, you might want a heater that can be left on all day. Others may want a heater that can just be turned on when it is needed. A good option to think about is buying a bathroom heater that has a timer feature, so you can set it to come on automatically. (Example: Setting the timer to ensure that the bathroom will be pleasantly warm by the time you get up in the morning.)

There are a wide variety of bathroom heaters available in several outlets including your local plumbing supply or a big-box home improvement store. The most common style is fan forced which pushes the heat down to the floor. Next is a bathroom exhaust fan with infrared bulbs, infrared heats people and objects - not air.

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