Replace Your Cabinets with Open Kitchen Shelving

Large open kitchen and living room

Why Open Kitchen Shelving Is In and Cabinets Are Out

If you've been on Pinterest lately or kept up with design trends, you've seen the rise of open kitchen shelving. The concept of open kitchen shelving is basically to replace some or all of your cabinetry with shelves, thus exposing all your hidden dishes and cutlery. Open shelving isn't for everyone but we'll let you decide!

Open shelving can be an inexpensive way to makeover your kitchen. Depending on the type of shelving you choose, you may be able to handle the installation yourself. But if you're not completely confident, contact your local Mr. Handyman or call for help removing your old cabinets and installing your new stylish kitchen shelves.

Open Kitchen Shelving Pros

Easy Installation: Mounting shelves is usually a fairly simple task. Whether or not your can do it yourself depends on your skill level and the type of shelving you choose. Check out floating shelves, mounted shelves, industrial pipe shelves and hanging shelves-just to name a few of your options!

Cost Effective: If you're redoing a kitchen, buying new cabinets plus installation fees can add up to thousands of dollars. Open kitchen shelving can cost a fraction of the price, especially if you handle all of the installation yourself.

Open Space: Having shelves instead of cabinetry, especially around windows, opens the room for more light and air flow. Consider open kitchen shelving especially if your kitchen feels tight and confined with cabinets.

Easy to Organize: Are you a person who entertains often? Open shelving is great for parties-guests can find glasses and dishes on their own, which means you can spend less time hosting and more time mingling!

Open Shelving Cons

Dusty Dishware: Obviously, exposed dishes on a shelf are going to accumulate dust over time. Dustiness is one of the largest complaints about open kitchen shelving. The solution to this problem is to use your dishes regularly.

Mismatched Dishware: Open shelving exposes all your dishes, the good and the bad. So if you have unattractive dishware, open kitchen shelving may not be for you. If you have beautiful dishes, move this con to the pros list!

Broken Bowls: Without cabinet doors, glasses and dishes are more likely to be bumped off an open shelf. With open kitchen shelving, you might see an increase in dish casualties.

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