Install a Corner Shower Seat

Shower head spraying water

The bathroom can be one of the most functional rooms in your home – as long as it’s designed correctly. Installing a shower seat could be the perfect addition you’re looking for to add convenience and safety to the bathroom. Here’s more information about shower seat installation and what this bathroom addition entails.

Benefits of a Corner Shower Seat

If you want to enjoy the benefits of installing a corner seat in your existing shower, the upgrade is certainly worth the effort.

Increase convenience while showering

A corner shower seat is convenient for everyone using the shower. It provides an additional ledge to set shampoo and conditioner, a spot to prop up each leg while shaving, and a place to sit and relax while steamy water pours over you.

Plan ahead for illnesses or injuries

Installing a shower seat is a great way to anticipate physical shortcomings resulting from illnesses or injuries. Whether your son pulls a muscle playing football or your partner feels lightheaded after getting over the flu, sometimes it’s nice to be able to shower while seated.

Age in place

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for seniors, and the shower in particular, is a source of slips and falls. Combined with anti-slip surfaces and handrails, a corner shower seat can decrease the chance of dangerous balance issues in the shower. This makes it easier for seniors to continue living at home even as their mobility decreases.

What Does Shower Seat Installation Require?

Before you jump on the opportunity to install a corner shower seat, make sure you understand what installation entails.

Code compliance

The International Residential Code requires showers to be at least 30 inches by 30 inches. If you have a small shower, make sure the addition of a shower seat doesn’t cause shower floor square footage to drop below this requirement. Shower seats should also sit between 17 and 19 inches off the floor.

Sturdy installation

You trust your shower seat to bear your entire weight so you can completely relax while sitting in the shower. Sturdy installation involves more than simply gluing a rectangular piece of tile to the corner of your shower. You need to cut a groove in the existing shower wall and insert the seat into this groove. Mesh tape and caulk are used to seal the seams around the bench and make the installation watertight.

Stylish seat design

The addition of a corner shower seat has the potential to transform an ordinary tiled shower into a more luxurious space. One design option is to find tile that closely matches the rest of the shower so it blends in. Another option is to make a statement by installing a mosaic tile shower seat.

Handheld showerhead may be needed

Installing a shower seat doesn’t automatically mean you need a handheld showerhead, but if your intent is to help a senior family member age in place, the upgrade is a good idea. A handheld showerhead allows the person showering to sit while rinsing soap from hard-to-reach places. This prevents bending and twisting that could lead to a fall.

Professional Shower Seat Installation

Installing a shower seat isn’t a do-it-yourself job. With the tile work required and the fact that poor installation could cause an injury, it’s best to leave this task to a professional.

That’s where Mr. Handyman enters the picture. We provide a variety of bathroom services to enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom, including installing shower seats. To learn more about our services contact Mr. Handyman by calling or click here to request service in your area.