Cable Management Ideas for Unsightly Wires

Electric cables

With all your tech gadgets – from TVs to gaming consoles to speakers – your entertainment console or desk may be overflowing with stray cables. Managing cables is a time-consuming task but can improve both the functionality and aesthetic of your television area or home office. Here we highlight a few tips for controlling wires:

Twisty Ties: Simple and cost-effective, twisty ties can help clean up some of the clutter. Use twisty-ties to either coil up extra-long cables or band several cables together. The wires may still be visible but much more contained.

Velcro Ties: One step above twist ties, Velcro ties come in different colors, allowing you to differentiate wires based on color. The advantage to Velcro ties is that they are more attractive and sturdier than a simple twisty tie.

Duct Tape or Painter’s Tape: Depending on the cables and what material your electronics are resting on, some homeowners use duct tape or painter’s tape to attach cables to the wall of their entertainment console. This keeps the chords from sticking out. But be careful where you stick the tape; duct tape can damage paint!

Cable Management Box: Found at your local home goods or electronics store, cable management boxes are a great way to contain all your stray chords in one clean-cut container. Simple cable management boxes start at $10. More complex cable management systems can cost upwards to $100 and may require some installation services.

In-Wall Management & TV Mounting: The most effective way of hiding cables is to put them behind a wall. Lots of homeowners choose to mount their TV but still have to cover up their wires with a chord cover. We recommend installing a wall plate and running your cables through the drywall for a much cleaner look.

Mounting your television or installing a complex cable management system isn’t always easy. It’s also something you don’t want to get wrong. Contact your local Mr. Handyman by calling us or request service in your area.