Contain Sports Balls with This Clever Ball Storage Trick

White soccer ball in a field

As we all welcome the New Year it is easy to set resolutions that we forget about or cannot do because we run out of time. A resolution that often makes the list for many of us is organization. We all want to get organized. Getting organized not only helps us feel accomplished but it also helps us find things when we need them.

If you are determined to get organized this year consider starting with your garage. This is often an overlooked space that can always use some organizational help. More than that start with one area of your garage and organize something specific, like sports balls. Here is a clever idea to declutter your garage from sports balls. It is so easy you will wonder why you did not do this sooner.

Photo Cred: llreadll on Flickr

Start this project by picking the location of where you want to build your new sports ball organizer. Note: You will need to build this into the studs of your garage. Next nail two wood pieces of equal size to the studs and then add another front piece to create a “U” shape. Once that is complete do the same thing approximately 4 feet lower or higher to the same studs. Now you can drill holes into the “U” shape top and bottom. Last but not least take 3 foot bungee cords, one for each hole you drilled, and attach them into the drilled holes. Congratulations. You now have a sports ball organization rack that you can be proud of.

*Note: Check out this YouTube video as a reference!

Want to get even more organized? Try using a peg board to keep all of your sports equipment tidy. The nice thing about peg boards is that you can adjust the hooks to accommodate almost anything. You design the layout. So hang your hockey sticks and skis up so you can not only find them but keep them same from being damaged. Also, remember to use larger hooks for larger items. It sounds silly but hanging a heavy item on a lightweight hook may cause the item to pull out of the pegboard.

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