Find More Space with These Awesome Under Stair Storage Ideas

stairwell with drawer storage underneath

It seems as though every year more of us are looking for more storage space....without much luck! Are you tired of cramming things into a full closet, having rooms that look/feel to cluttered, or want to feel more organized? Well if you do, Mr. Handyman has a potential solution: Under Stair Storage! There a plenty of design ideas out there and we have a large variety for you to see!

The first slide show comes from a handyman legend, Bob Villa. He has 15 Clever Uses for the Space Under the Stairs.

Some highlights from this includes:

  • Petite Powder Room
  • The Ultimate Bookcase
  • Space-Saving Bike Storage
  • Covert Kitchen Pantry
  • A Wall of Wine

The second slide show comes from our friends at Houzz, They have almost 300 Under Stair Storage Home Design Photos!

Some highlights from this includes:

  • Dresser Drawers
  • Shoe Rack
  • Multi-Purpose Shelving
  • Walk In Closet

The third slide and final show comes from Homedit, They have 60 Under Stairs Storage Ideas For Small Spaces Making Your House Stand Out!

Some highlights from this includes:

  • Office Space
  • Kids Desks
  • Pinning Board
  • Coat Rack

Finding storage space in your home is not easy. Let Mr. Handyman help you with potential storage solutions! Contact your local Mr. Handyman by calling us or request service in your area.