Install a Picturesque Front Porch Swing

Porch swing on a porch
Few things embody summer like a lazy day while the hours away with family and friends on a front porch swing. Luckily, if your porch is missing one of these airborne beauties, you can add its charm and comfort with minimal fuss, performing a store-bought front porch swing installation with the help of a family member or friend.

You’re only seven steps away from a relaxing day on your front porch swing!

1. Pick the Perfect Place

Measure available space before selecting your swing size – you will need at least 2 feet (preferably three or four) on the front and back side as clearance for when the swing is in motion, with at least 14 inches of clearance on either side. Find an area with at least a 2’ x 6’ wood beam for securing the hardware. You don’t want to skimp here – or you could end up flying. The joist, hardware, and fasteners must be sturdy enough to support at least 500 pounds. Be sure to consider the view: Do you want to wave to neighbors? Overlook a garden?

2. Choose a Swing

Using your measurements, select a swing, allowing 2 feet per person. Research varieties to find one that matches your home and suits your needs. Options from traditional wood to resin, wicker, and metal abound, in many colors, shapes, and designs.

3. Purchase Supplies

Your swing may include hardware. Galvanized or stainless steel is best to withstand the elements. You will need screw-in swing hooks, screws, eye bolts/S-hooks with 4-6” shafts, or other chain connectors; four total heavy-duty 7-foot chains; and a fully charged drill and bit kit

4. Attach Swing Hooks

Measuring the width of the swing, mark the distance on the beam. To prevent the chains from rubbing against the swing and better distribute weight, install the fasteners 2” - 4” wider than the swing’s length. Drill one pilot hole into the beam on each of the two markings, selecting a drill bit that is just a bit smaller in diameter than the hook. Screw the swing hooks into the pilot holes until snug.

5. Attach Chains

Follow the swing manufacturer’s instructions for attaching the chains, which will vary by make.

Ensure all four chains are secure.

6. Hang the Swing

Enlist the help of a friend to avoid damage to your swing (and your back). Climb atop your sturdily placed ladder, and have your helper hand the swing up to you. Adjust the chains as necessary, ensuring a height of 17 - 19” above the ground. Push the swing to verify smooth movement.

7. Grab a Glass of Tea and Test It

Grab a cool drink and sit a spell, relaxing and enjoying your handiwork.

A Swing and a Miss

Installing a front porch swing isn’t something to the wing. The joist or support beam must be at least 2’x6’ to ensure safe, secure mounting and operation. Anything less can result in serious injury. If adding a support beam in installations where necessary mounting surfaces are lacking is over your head, enlist the help of a professional for the safety of your family and friends.

Looking for the easiest way to accomplish a front porch swing installation? Please contact your local Mr. Handyman or call us, grab a drink, and then swing. Our professional handyman services can quickly and safely accomplish your every home improvement need.