Reimagine & Redesign Your Home with Virtual Reality

Man wearing VR headset.

While it's easy to know when certain features in your home are no longer working for you, it's not always easy to envision how a newly improved space might look or feel. Artist renderings and 3D computer imaging can provide a glimpse in to the future, but nothing can top virtual reality home improvement equipment and technology when it comes to reimagining your updated home. If you're considering updating or remodeling one or more rooms, take advantage of this user friendly, intuitive virtual reality software that can help to maximize your investment, and satisfaction.

How It Works

A virtual reality headset used in combination with virtual reality home improvement software, provides users with a fully immersive experience while exploring design options for a home renovation. The headset consists of a number of components which work together to convince the brain that you are standing in a 3D world. Stereoscopic display shows two slightly different angles of the same scene to each eye, which simulates depth of field. Scale and spatial awareness are both seen and felt, and the room can be viewed from any angle by moving either your head, eyes, or both, as movements are tracked by the headset and the virtual image adjusted in real time.

The Benefits of Virtual Reality Home Improvement Software

IrisVR, HoloBuilder, and Envisioneer™ are examples of software that work directly with Oculus Rift™ and HTC Vive™ hardware, and are used by architects, designers, and builders to present their renderings to clients. While computer aided design software (CAD) has been used for years, VR technology changes the face of the building and design industry by providing clients with a completely new perspective for their renovation project. The benefits of this technology for the homeowner include:

  • Cost savings – Materials, design, and labor each contribute to the overall cost of your home improvement projects, and there is no room for error when it comes to staying within your budget. By using virtual reality technology for larger design projects, you can more accurately envision the end result, eliminating the need for costly adjustments or changes along the way.
  • Time savings – Project delays due to plan or design alterations can leave you living in a construction zone much longer than necessary. By knowing exactly what to expect at the beginning of your renovation, workers can keep moving forward to complete the project on time.
  • Ergonomics – Virtual reality affords you the opportunity to see how your new space will look, and experience how it will function. Items such as cabinet placement, countertop height, or the dimensions of a kitchen island may seem ideal on paper, but being able to walk through the space before it is built is the best way to identify what works, and what doesn't.
  • Enhanced collaboration – Individuals in the design or construction industry may have a stronger sense of visualization, having completed any number of renovation projects in the past. The homeowner however may struggle to see the vision presented to them, causing a breakdown in communication. With virtual reality, all parties can be on the same page for ease of collaboration.
  • Satisfaction – With virtual reality technology, you'll know exactly what to expect, ensuring your complete satisfaction at the completion of the project.

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