New House Numbers for a New Year

11260 zip code made up of pebbles

New year, new . . . house numbers? Why not! We've got plenty of ideas for inspiration, simple installation tips, and more. Every homeowner knows the exterior of their home is the first impression people get - and the most important! Even the smallest details count and can bring it all together, including house numbers. While their purpose is to help people find your address, why not use decorative house numbers that contribute to the style and curb appeal?

According to The Washington Post, numbers are typically the only typography on a home and detail that's neglected all too often. Unique house numbers can add a beautiful, interesting element to your home, but what you don't want are numbers that look like everyone else's on the block. What to do?

Avoid The Ordinary

When you visit the local hardware or home improvement store, what will you find? The same old thing you've seen in your neighbors' homes. Instead, you can find lots of great ideas if you're a do-it-yourselfer on Pinterest, Etsy, and other online resources. With endless possibilities, why limit yourself to what's available in stores?

Installation Tips

How you install your new numbers depend largely on the surface you intend to install them on. Whether your home is brick, vinyl or steel siding, wood, Masonite, or some other material you can usually rely on construction-grade adhesive to get the job done. If you use this method, be sure to hold the numbers in place for about 24 hours using painters’ or masking tape.

Prefer to drill so your house numbers are sure to stay exactly where you place them. The majority of numbers come with hardware for mounting.

Unique House Numbers

While there are endless ways to add interest to your home and make your front entrance "pop," Mr. Handyman has a few suggestions for your consideration:

  • Depending on the style of your home, consider vintage-style numbers or distressed aluminum.
  • Have a historic home or one located in a historic neighborhood? House numbers add to the historic appeal when placed in the transom or another location that's traditional to these homes.
  • Have a lamppost from which to hang your decorative house number? Many today offer a wide array of designs from anchors and shells to pineapples and other interesting shapes. Another bonus? They're resistant to rain, sunlight, ice, and whatever else Mother Nature may bring!
  • Bungalows, cottages, and other charming homes make the perfect backdrop for cast-iron, distressed aluminum, or even numbers painted on wood pallets. In many cases "quirky" numbers make a small, adorable home even more charming and welcoming!
  • From un-lacquered brass that will naturally age with the passing of time to oil-rubbed bronze, there are decorative house numbers available for modern or contemporary homes that not only stand apart from what you'll find at the local store but are tarnish-resistant as well.

At Mr. Handyman we know that when it comes to the exterior of your home, every little detail matters! From siding repair and wood fencing to power washing and improving your deck and patio, we do it all. Unique house numbers take your home from one that blends in -- to the one passersby admire!

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