How to Fix a Stubborn Sagging Door

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A sagging door can be a nuisance, sticking stubbornly to the doorjamb as you struggle to open or close it. If you want to leave your sagging door open, it may also create problems--often the door swings closed on its own. Besides their annoying “behavior”, sagging doors also affect the look of your home. Here’s how to handle a heavy door that no longer opens or closes smoothly and perhaps looks off-kilter.

Fixing A Sagging Door: DIY

Tightening the screws on your door’s hinges may help to straighten it within the doorframe so that it opens and closes more easily. Tighten by hand, with a screwdriver (rather than a power drill) to avoid stripping the screws. If that doesn’t help, here’s some more advice on how to fix a sagging door:

Fill the screw holes: If the screw holes in your door hinges have enlarged with time, no longer holding the screws and door securely in place, try making the holes smaller. By partially filling the holes, you'll help the screws fit tighter so that the door hangs straighter. Try shoving toothpicks into the screw holes and securing them in place with wood glue. Once the glue dries, re-screw and tighten the door hinges and hardware.

Add a longer middle hinge screw: Secure your door hinges in place by replacing the center screw. (Also switch out any screw that has worked loose over time.) Replace the screw(s) with a longer, 3-inch screw, which should reach beyond the doorjamb and penetrate into the framing wall stud or king stud.

Sand the door edges: If you’ve done all you can with the hinges, shave the edges of the door to eliminate sticking at the sides, top, or bottom. Use a belt sander to plane the door edge(s). Sand down any area where the door rubs against the jamb or where the door hits the threshold, at the floor.

Check for whole-house sagging: A good next step is to determine if your whole home may be settling or sagging. Certain signs, like telltale cracks in walls or foundations, may indicate home settling. You may want to have your home inspected to see if the settling is normal and minor, or more serious with action needed. Finding a solution to the larger problem will help prevent future door sticking or sagging--and avoid other structural property damage.

Need a Professional?

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