Pull-Out Trash Can Installation for a More Organized Kitchen

Wooden kitchen.
Is your trash can take up precious kitchen real estate? Instead of leaving the area under your sink as a space where unwanted cleaners go to die, put it to better use with a pull-out trash can and recycling bin.

Reclaim Kitchen Space

Particularly useful in small spaces where trash and recycling can make the kitchen feel cluttered, pull-out trash can installation can quickly and easily add practical functionality. Depending on your familial situation offers an added opportunity for dog, cat, and kid-proof trash protection.

How Hard is it to Install a Pull-Out Trash Can?

Pull-out trash can installation is an easy job for the moderately-experienced DIYer. The task can be accomplished in less than half an hour with a pull-out trash can conversion kit available at your local hardware store or online, most of which include compatible trash can(s).

Install a Pull-Out Trash Can in a Flash with a Quick Conversion Kit

  • Measure. Choosing a single-door cabinet, measure the height, width, and depth – to find the product right for your installation. Be sure to get one with (or purchase an additional) door mounting kit. This will enable the entire door to slide out along with the trash cans. Make sure cans are included, or note the dimensions of compatible options.
    • Note: For those with a built-in shelf in their under-the-sink cabinet, the process can be slightly trickier, allowing for only small trash containers, or requiring some power saw action.
  • Buy your hardware. Visit the store or shop online.
  • Clean your cabinet. Remove any old cleaners.
  • Remove the door. Take off the hinge hardware and remove the door completely.
  • Assemble. Assemble the pull-out trash can/door mounting kit per manufacturer instructions.
  • Mark screw holes. Per the manufacturer's instructions, mark screw holes on the bottom/sides of the cabinet and attached slides with a pencil.
    • Note: If your cabinet has a ‘lip,’ you may have to shim up the kit.
  • Drill starter holes. Using a bit slightly smaller than your screws, pre-drill holes for easy, straight screw installation.
  • Install the hardware kit. Screw in the hardware kit/slides on each side of the inside cabinet per manufacturer instructions. If your measurements weren’t accurate, or your cabinet isn’t quite square, this could require some tinkering/shimming.
  • Address back bracket. If the kit contains a back bracket for the slides, install these onto the back wall of the cabinet, mounting with a thin piece of wood and shimming as necessary.
  • Attach hardware to the cabinet door. Measure from the bottom of the cabinet face frame to the bottom of the pull-out hardware, transferring those measurements to the back of the cabinet door. Next measure the width, centering and attaching the hardware to the door.
  • Install the unit. Slide the pull-out unit into the glides, followed by the trash cans.
  • Enjoy the new-found space. Trying to remember NOT to toss trash where your garbage can formerly lived.

Contact Mr. Handyman

In case you haven’t figured it out, though technically a ‘simple’ project, cabinet door kits necessitate several steps and even some problem-solving due to the differences in cabinetry.

Need a hand with pull-out trash can installation? Find your friendly neighborhood Mr. Handyman, or call for repair, maintenance, improvement, or installation help in your home or business today.