Upgrade Your Throne with a Comfort-Height Toilet

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A toilet is a pretty straightforward device found in nearly every home across North America, and regardless of color, make, or design each performs the same basic function. Whether you're choosing a replacement fixture or selecting a model for new construction or renovation there are a number of factors to consider that will contribute to your comfort and satisfaction—including height.

Standard vs. Comfort Height Toilets

A standard-height toilet bowl is approximately 15 inches from the floor excluding the seat, and is the most common size found in residential and commercial bathroom applications.

A comfort height toilet has a bowl height of about 17 inches excluding the seat, providing an additional 2 to 4 inches that gives many users with a more comfortable experience during their day-to-day bathroom routine.

Replacing your existing toilet with a new comfort height toilet installation depends on factors such as:

  • The age(s) of your family members
  • The age of your existing toilet(s)
  • Whether one or more occupants have knee, joint, or mobility issues

The Benefits of a Comfort Height Toilet

  • Comfort. As the name suggests, a comfort height toilet installation is a more natural, comfortable distance off the ground than a standard toilet, making the mechanics of sitting, standing, and rising more enjoyable.
  • Savings. When replacing an older toilet with a new energy-efficient unit you can experience immediate savings, as toilets manufactured 20 or 30 years ago typically use over 3 gallons of water per flush compared to an average of 1.3 gallons for a modern fixture.
  • Ease of use. Anyone who is tall, elderly, suffers from knee, back, joint pain, or mobility issues may find a comfort height toilet easier to use as the extended height places less stress on the body and allows the knees to bend at a more natural 90-degree angle.
  • Increased independence. Those who require assistance to get on or off the toilet, or feel unsteady doing so can live more independently, remaining in their own homes longer without the need for additional support.

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