Warm Up and Save Energy with Thermal Lined Curtains

save energy with thermal lined curtains.

The availability of natural light is a selling feature for most homes, but the same windows that help brighten up your living space can contribute to a significant reduction in comfort and loss of heat during the fall and winter months. Thermal curtains can help to resolve these issues quickly and easily, and the team of experts at Mr. Handyman, a Neighborhood company is pleased to provide you with all the information you need to update the window coverings in your home for immediate and long-lasting relief.

The Science Behind Thermal Lined Curtains

Physics has taught us that hot air rises and cool air sinks, and in the case of your inefficient or leaky windows, this can cause an ongoing cycle of heat loss and discomfort. As heated air passes in front of your windows it is cooled and sinks to the floor, where it is once again heated by the surrounding air. As this cycle continues, valuable resources are wasted and the ambient temperature of the room is reduced.

Thermal-lined curtains work by providing a protective layer between the curtain and the window. In the space between the curtain and the liner a warm pocket of air is formed, which functions as an insulative barrier between the window and your interior living space, and increases the efficiency of your heating system.

How to Install Thermal Curtains

Installing a thermal layer into your existing curtains can easily be completed in an afternoon using just a few supplies:

  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thermal fabric
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Fusible tape

1. Before you purchase the thermal material, take down the curtains and record the measurements.

2. Cut the thermal material to fit the dimensions of the curtain panels, leaving a one-half-inch border along each edge.

3. Place the curtain on the ironing board with the window side facing up, and iron on the fusible tape along the top according to the directions on the package. Repeat this exercise down the left and right sides of the panel, leaving the paper on the fusible tape in place.

4. Lay the curtain out on the floor or on a table, and carefully pin the liner into place while leaving access to the tape.

5. Once the liner is pinned, remove the paper on the fusible tape and return it to the ironing board. Using the recommended heat setting, press the iron along the edges of the liner to bind the fabric to the tape.

Benefits of Thermal Curtains

Whether you opt to purchase new thermal-lined curtains or update your existing window coverings with a new thermal liner, you can enjoy a number of benefits that include:

  • A year-round reduction in heat transfer between the indoors and outdoors.
  • Noise dampening.
  • Increased comfort with the elimination of drafts.
  • Room darkening properties.
  • Reduction in heat loss of up to 65 percent, depending on the quality of the lining and the efficiency of the windows.
  • Protect the curtain fabric from fading due to sunlight.

Thermal Curtain Installation Tips

Maximize your comfort and investment by installing your thermal curtains using these tips:

  • Take advantage of the sun during daylight hours by keeping the curtains open, and using sheers for privacy.
  • Measure curtains to fit one and one-half to three times the width of the window for fullness.
  • Enhance thermal properties by hanging the curtains several inches above the top of the window, and well past the level of the sill.
  • Ensure the curtains fit snugly to the window frame, using velcro or magnets if needed.

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