How to Upgrade Your Deck Railing

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When the right materials and techniques are used, the platform of your deck gives your structure the strength and stability it needs to last a lifetime—but as important as the deck is, the railing is the real star of the show. While the look of your railing can help to enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space it is also vital to the safety and integrity of your deck, and if yours has deteriorated with age or needs repair it may be time for an upgrade. The experienced team of professionals at Mr. Handyman is proud to provide you with tips for installing deck railing that will breathe new life into your backyard while increasing the safety and value of your home.

Safety First

The main function of your deck railing is to prevent people, pets, and materials from falling off the edge of the platform and sustaining damage or injury. To achieve this goal, the railing must be constructed from high-quality materials in accordance with guidelines for height, width, safety, and strength. In homes where there are young children or pets, solid panels can provide enhanced security by preventing items from falling through, and body parts from becoming injured or trapped. Before installing deck railing, consider which type of security will suit your lifestyle best to enhance safety and maximize your investment.

What's Your Style?

Your deck railing doesn't have to match your home or deck, but it should complement rather than compete with the existing style and color scheme. There are many factors to consider before installing deck railing, including:

  • Budget
  • Maintenance
  • Aesthetics
  • Personal preferences
  • Safety requirements

Before you choose the exact style of deck railings to install you'll need to narrow down the type of material they will be made from. Options include:

  • Wood - Wood is arguably the most common material used for deck railings, and the most versatile. Depending on the type of wood, style, and finish that you choose, costs can vary greatly—but whether you choose cedar or mahogany the railings will need to be sealed or painted on a regular basis to maintain the finish. Wood posts may also be used in conjunction with glass, iron, or metal cables to add strength and visual interest.
  • Glass - Glass panels are made from safety glass which allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of your landscape while providing a secure, solid barrier around your deck. Solid panels can also help to deflect noise and wind and are a low-maintenance alternative to wood.
  • Metal - Aluminum railing is a budget-friendly option that is available in a wide range of color and style options. Maintenance consists of a periodic spray with the hose to remove dust and grime.

How to Install Deck Railing

If your deck does not require significant repair – make it look new again by upgrading your deck railing. The scope of your project will depend on the following factors:

  • The age of the deck
  • The size and shape of the deck
  • Your choice of materials

Whether you want to replace your existing deck railing or simply update the look with a fresh coat of paint or stain, trust the home improvement professionals at Mr. Handyman for efficient, reliable service.

The highly skilled, experienced professionals at your local Mr. Handyman can help you complete all your indoor and outdoor projects and repairs. Call us today to learn more.